On TikTok and Instagram, "Little Miss" memes are making a comeback

On TikTok and Instagram, "Little Miss" memes are making a comeback ...

American Girl dolls received the meme treatment in June 2022. Now, TikTok and Instagram users are associating themselves with a literary character that was used by young millennials. Do you remember the colorful, miniature figures wearing nothing but bows in their hair, sometimes stylish shoes, or a hat too small for their body? These adorable characters are the internets latest form of emotional therapy using Mr. Men and Little Miss to express their own prejudices and personalities.

What began as kids' books like Mr. Grumpy, Little Miss Bossy, and Little Miss Stubborn have now evolved into a legitimate Instagram takeover, with Gen Z forming their own Little Miss, followed by a hyper specific characteristic about themselves. Whether it's Little Miss Repressed Childhood Trauma, Little Miss Daddy Issues, or Little Miss College Dropout, these colorful, four-finger, recognizable animals from childhood are more relatable than ever.

The creation of your own Little Miss is a fill in the blank situation, much like the American Girl trend. Yes, the wording is a bit outdated, as women are associated with little and men are tied to Mr. For that reason, the gender neutral character Mx has frequently replaced the use of Miss and Mr in order to represent the nonbinary community within this meme.

The Little Miss meme is used by users for everything from highlighting their emotional instability to hypnotizing themselves. The Little Miss possibilities are endless. Keep reading if you want to learn more about this phenomenon.

What Was The Source Of Little Miss And Mr. Men's Memes?

Roger Hargreaves first began his Mr. Menbook series in 1971, with the birth of Mr. Tickle, a squiggly yellow creature wearing a tiny blue hat. In 1981, Hargreaves began his Little Miss series, introducing his young readers first to Little Miss Sunshine, Little Miss Naughty, and Little Miss Bossy.

The Mr. Men and Little Miss books took readers on a journey through each Mr. Men and Little Miss' lives, revealing their traits, personalities, and individual choices. From the Spice Girls' creation of their own Little Misses and Little Miss Princess to the celebration of Prince William and Duchess Kate's wedding, the books have taken on a new form and are once again connecting with Gen Z, one of the audiences they helped raise.

Memes started out as a way for people to express themselves freely about their mental health, physical difficulties, and even fears. Little Miss Homewrecker and Little Miss Anxious Attachment drew attention and provided encouragement toward less serious topics. Instagram users have since started reposting Little Miss memes describing themselves to their stories in hopes that their followers will find it funny, or at least relatable.

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