How To Find Instagram Locations

How To Find Instagram Locations ...

By looking through Instagram posts and Stories, youll see influencers promoting all kinds of goods. Forget Yelp, you can discover which restaurants have the best yolky brunches, which hotels have the finest baths for relaxing, or which hair salons have the most happy customer selfies.

This Instagram hack can give you a peek at any time in the world. You can check out recent public postings at a bar to see if it is open, or a beach to check if it is crowded. You can also do a recon on future destinations by tapping through posts geotags.

How to travel the world, discover whether everyone is hanging out without you, or plan your next meal in Instagram locations.

Instagram's Locations for Searching

If you have some flexibility with your search criteria, you can use Instagrams general search bar to type the name of the location you're looking for and sort results in Top, Accounts, Audio, Tags, and Places. If it's a business, or popular location, such as a nail salon or famous pizza place, youll likely find it in Top, Accounts, and Places.

You can tap Search This Area at the top of the map to see popular areas nearby, or browse local coffee shops, sights, and more. Best of all? You can save Places you want to go back to or send them to your group DM.

Interact With Stories

Playing around in Stories is another way to get new Instagram locations. If you see a Story with a location tag, you can tap the geo link to see the Place page. There, you can view more information, see recent posts, and find directions.

Do A Reverse Search

If you want to explore a location that already has an Instagram account, such as a cafe or national park, click the link on the top-right corner. This is especially useful if you're trying to find out where to find the current vibe at the bar.

This article was first published on July 19, 2021.

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