Lizzo explains why her relationship with Myke Wright is different

Lizzo explains why her relationship with Myke Wright is different ...

Lizzo made her Amazon Prime Video series Lizzos Watch Out For the Big Grrrls on June 6, including two photos of the couple posing on the red carpet, with Chris Evans standing by her side (and not wearing anything to conceal himself).

Lizzo and Wright have been dating since 2016, when they co-hosted and starred in the former MTV show Wonderland. She said in a July 15 interview with The Breakfast Club that they first knew each other before she became famous. "It's important when you know someone before 2019."

In a July interview with Apple Music, the singer said that love is the focus of her sophomore album Special, whether it's self-love or romance. "I think everything I've been doing prior to Special was in pursuit of love," she said. "Secret is almost a celebration of who I am right now, it's very present."

During her Apple Music interview, fans are figuring out the songs that are possibly inspired by Wright, pointing out the romantic lyrics of Break Up Twice and Coldplay. Lizzo revealed that every romantic detail in the song, such as singing the bands song on a trip to Tulum, actually happened. Needless to say, Wright loved the track.

On Valentines Day at Craigs, the actor and comedian was first spotted with Lizzo, dressed in head-to-toe black and a face mask with an embroidery heart so only his eyes were visible. His identity was somewhat difficult to discern at the time, but followers came to the conclusion that Lizzo was dating someone. On April 26, the couple was spotted at Craigs for her 34th birthday celebrations.

Cohen asked Lizzo whether or not she was still connected with the then-mystery guy during her SNL hosting debut. After laughing, she replied, "No, whatever, yes," before corroboring the rumors that he was backstage during her SNL hosting debut.

Lizzo has been quite private in the past about her love life. At a May 2019 concert, she revealed the line, new guy on the Minnesota Vikings, on her hit single Truth Hurts is about someone from Detroit. But thats about the closest she has come to divulging anything about her dating history.

Lizzo has been extremely vocal about self-love and not needing a relationship to feel whole or fulfilled. I think theres a lot of people who need to be in relationships and need to be in love. I want it sometimes, but I do not need it. She told Teen Vogue in 2019.

This article was originally published on March 25, 2022.

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