Laura Whitmore and Iain Stirling are developing a true crime podcast

Laura Whitmore and Iain Stirling are developing a true crime podcast ...

Iain Stirling and Laura Whitmore are the cutest couples to leave the Love Island house. From lockdown TikTok dances to travelling the world together, theyve been making plans for the long-running couple. According to the Sun, the pair formed a close friendship while hanging out with their mutual friends in 2016.

Whitmore talked about how she and her boyfriend first got to know one another in March 2020 on the In The Duffle Bag podcast. "He used to send me random messages, DM me, and ask me about my dog," she said. She also revealed that it took nine months before they went on a date. "It's like, let's just go for a drink."

July 2017

The first reports about Whitmore and Stirling as a couple surfaced in July 2017. A source told The Sun at the time: "They kept the relationship private to give it the best possible chance," but in their close circle of friends, it's well-known how happy they are. They are both boyfriend and girlfriend.

August 2017

Whitmore said in an interview that their romance was very real. "Yeah, hes my boyfriend. Hes lovely. Ive got him as my screensaver."

September 2017

While the two were on a trip to New York, Stirling and Whitmore connected on their Instagram grids in September 2017. Each shared pictures of their envy inducing travels, including a very sweet picture of them kissing.

January 2018

Whitmore and Stirling traveled to Iceland to commemorate Stirling's 30th birthday with their extended family. "You can go to a public toilet that has been converted into a punk museum when you want."

December 2018

Stirling and Whitmore shared a photo of themselves in the back of a removal van with her dog at the end of 2018. She wrote: "We're now taking bookings for all house removals for 2019 #manwithavan #unboxing Mick charges additional."

July 2019

Stirling shared some sweet photos of himself and Whitemore with the caption: Two years with my best mate.

December 2019

Whitmore was announced as the host for the next winter love island, as the first edition loomed, and Stirling was set to reprise her role as voiceover.

April 2020

The Sun reported that Whitmore and Stirling got engaged in South Africa. It was later reported that Whitmore wore a yellow diamond engagement ring, and it was reported that Stirling designed it himself. Throughout their relationship, they kept everything under wraps.

A source told the publication that the couple couldnt be happier. Were ecstatic for them. Hed obviously thought about it for a while, as he designed the ring, and yellows her favourite color.

May 2020

Stirling said in an interview with Chris Ramsay, he has someone who is similar to me, but far worse. Lauras has someone who is like her, but far worse. I have done quite well in terms of it, but im still very gratified by her lovelyness.

November 2020

Stirling appeared alongside Marvin Humes in a special episode of Loose Women in November, which airs on International Mens Day. He was seen wearing a ring, which sparked speculation that he and Whitmore had tied the knot.

December 2020

Whitmore and Stirling got married in a small ceremony in November, according to The Sun. The publication obtained a marriage certificate that detailed the couple complied with government guidelines with a humanist ceremony at Dublins City Hall on November 11.

According to a source, Iain and Laura are so in love, that they wanted to get married as soon as possible. Despite the circumstances, it was a lovely day.

Whitmore and Stirling then revealed some exciting news to entice their fans' Christmas hearts. On December 15, the couple said they would have a baby in early 2021. Stirling said, "I'm sorry to my old babies but there will be a new one in early 2021."

Whitmore wrote: Im going to lie, my lockdown beer belly is getting out of control. Iain and I are expecting a child in early 2021. It's been tough to keep such happy news hidden, especially when it's been impossible to keep my fascination for mashed potato in the morning alive.

January 2021

Whitmore told her followers that the rumors were true, and that she and Sterling did get married in a private ceremony in 2020. I will forever be so grateful that we got what we wanted, she said. Back then we never felt the need to say anything because we just enjoyed it!

Whitmore shared her bump on Instagram later that month, under the heading "She's become real."

April 2021

Whitmore shared the first photo of her newborn daughter, thanking followers for sending generous messages and revealing that she and Sterling were in love with their new addition to their family.

The presenter shared her advice on being a mother for the first time a few days later. "Please do not place your opinion or expectation on them," she said. I actually feel the best Ive ever felt and the most happy Ive ever been in my entire life.

May 2021

Whitmore took to Instagram to express her feelings about the press her family has received, including when The Sun printed their marriage certificate before they even had their own copy. I will continue to call individuals out and not just sit quietly and accept it as part of the job, she wrote.

October 2021

Han and Leia's first Halloween together as a family on October 31, 2021 was the perfect day. Who knew? Whitmore captioned the adorable post. Be safe, be good, and may the force be with you all.

November 2021

Whitmore shared a video of their first dance in November 2021, while also revealing the date of their wedding, which took place on November 11, 2020.

June 2022

Whitmore and Sterling have collaborated on a podcast during their break from Love Island, touring, and becoming new parents. They will discuss some of the world's most notorious, bizarre, and fascinating crimes in the next episode of Spotify.

July 2022

Whitmore and Stirling are busy filming or recording voiceovers for Love Island 2022. The couple are enjoying the Spanish sun on their ultimate work vacation.

This article was originally published on May 31, 2020.

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