Your Definitive Guide to Love Island in 2022

Your Definitive Guide to Love Island in 2022 ...

The eighth season of Love Island is now underway, and all of the action from this year's brand new villa has gotten everyone talking. With a constant flow of drama stoking things up for the remaining Love Island couples (which has spawned some hilarious Love Island memes in the process), there's plenty to keep up with throughout the current series.

Duration of Love Island 2022

Love Island returned on Monday, June 6, and airs nightly on ITV2 and ITV Hub, according to. This year, fans have also been treated to the return of Love Island: Aftersun with host Laura Whitmore serving all the gossip on Sundays at 10 p.m. on ITV2 and ITV Hub.

The 2022 season is expected to be the longest to date, with ten weeks of villa action, culminating in or around August 15. I'll update this as soon as ITV confirms the finale date.

Fans have been streaming the new series more than ever before, according to the Daily Mail. So far, the current series has earned 100 million views, making Season 8 the most-streamed series of Love Island to date.

Cast of Love Island 2022

The ever-changing cast of Love Island 2022 is sure to continue to expand as the weeks go on. Here is a breakdown of the whole cast of Love Island 2022:

Jamie Allen, 27, is a 27-year-old American.

Professional footballer Jamie is entering the villa on a mission, one of the last new members to the Love Island cast. He is ready to settle down after playing the field.

Reece Ford, 23, is a 23-year-old comedian.

This professional model believes that now is the right time to make a splash in the sun-soaked villa. Jack the lad, who self-confessed, has said that he is more mature and ready to find love.

Nathalia Campos, 23, is a 23-year-old Italian girl.

Nathalia, operations manager and content creator, has big plans for the villa. She is determined to create fun, flirtation, and fire.

Lacey Edwards, 25, is a 25-year-old female lawyer.

Her closest and dearest encouraged her to join the love island program. She asked, Why haven't you applied for Love Island before? She said youre absolutely superb for it.

Paige describes herself as a sailor by day, and is hoping to find the one.

Dami is a busy guy with a microbiologist's career. However, he remains passionate about love and as an Aries, wants to find his compatible star sign.

Indiyah is sick of dating in the world of social media and is eager to establish a real connection in the Love Island villa, while bringing some personality and vibrancy.

Liam is a fairly young contestant, but he has a fair few (questionable) chat up lines under his belt, ready for his time at the villa. He left less than a week ago, making the decision to retire.

Tasha was recognized for an ASOS campaign in 2021, and she is the first deaf person to be named. She describes herself as wild, a party animal, and extremely loyal.

Davide is well aware of his Italian charm and the effect it has on the ladies, but now he is looking for something more serious in the hope of finding his soulmate.

Gemma is starting her Love Island journey with the support of her dad, football legend Micheal Owen, in an effort to not only find love but also to have a great summer.

Ikenna is a firm believer in spontaneity and delight and would not shy away from anything, making him a potential chaotic addition to the party.

Andrew has lived the jet setters lifestyle, spending the majority of his time in the United Arab Emirates, but now he wants to find someone to share that passion with.

Amber, who works as a nanny, is very used to being around children and has a lot of patience with them, but she finds adults quite annoying. She's also not afraid to describe a date as it is, stating that it should have a personality and make me laugh.

Luca believes in the power of Love Island, and as someone who just recovered from a four-year relationship, wants to find love and connection during his time at the villa.

Ekin-Su, based in Essex, but well-known for her work as an actress in Turkey, has one goal in mind: finding the love of her life. Although she may be picky, she ultimately wants a serious guy and a serious relationship.

Afia wants to find the love of her life IRL rather than on a dating app. On June 13, Jaques decided to partner up with Paige.

Jaques is more than just being a Gemmas ex, and that includes making a girl feel special. He is passionate about bringing positive vibes to villa life as well as laughter.

Jay recommends that hell be a patient islander who will offer a lot of fun, some good laughs, and perhaps some uneasy decisions.

Danica is looking for someone who shares her extroverted personality, not afraid to step off a few toes in order to get what she wants. She is a professional dancer who likes to be silly.

Antigoni, a singer-songwriter, has already been linked to Jack Fowler of Love Island, so now it's her time to find love in the villa. I'm a Cypriot girl who loves being out in the sun, she says. I've got nothing to lose!

Charlies entering the house with three girls on his mind Ekin-Su, Paige, and Tasha. He is very competitive and knows what he wants, so watch out for the boys.

Villa in 2022 named Love Island

Fans were rife with speculation that Love Island might move from its idyllic Majorcan home to a brand new location following the completion of the 2021 series. This series will be the longest ever and its from a brand new location, which is all very exciting, according to an insider.

On June 6, the famous brand-new Love Island villa was unveiled at the launch night of the show. According to Per Metro, the renovated villa is located on the Spanish island of Mallorca, Sant Llorenc des Cardassar.

Why did the producers choose to leave the previous Love Island property? The answer is simple: it was not available for filming. We didnt own the previous property; we rented it; and we are planning a new house for this summer, according to ITVs managing director of media and entertainment.

Challenges for Love Island in 2022

Over the previous series, the Love Island challenges have become a part of the programme. Who doesnt like to see sexy singletons stab each other in the face, dress up as firefighters, and spit food into each others mouths? Well, quite a lot of the UK public, according to executive producer Mike Spencer.

Spencer indicated that the famous Casa Amor postcard might not be delivered this year, either. In previous series, this picture postcard has been returned to the main house, giving the contestants a hint of what their partners have been up to while on holiday in Casa Amor.

Despite the public's awareness that the postcard had been taken out of context in 2021, the controversy erupted into a stalemate, and supporters and the media were shocked that the program had triggered such a troubling situation.

Love Island is the sponsor of a sustainable fashion show in 2022.

Love Island 2022 re-introduced preloved apparel from Ebay in a somewhat dramatic shift. Executive producer Mike Spencer said: "We strive to be an environmentally-friendly production, with more emphasis on ways in which we can clearly demonstrate this on screen.

Jemma Tadd, eBay UK's fashion director, said, "Love Island and its many stars throughout the United Kingdom are unquestionable, and together we want to inspire people across the world to buy preloved goods first when shopping." Even if this means buying or selling one or two preloved items first, it's a step in the right direction.

Amy Bannerman, a celeb stylist who referred to her new role Love Island 2022 as an all-time career high on Instagram, has been able to source preloved items.

Water Bottle from Love Island in 2022

The water bottles are back for Season 8, but with a glitzy upgrade. The much-loved merchandise now has the brand's name written in gold font. Very on-brand. You may also buy all-new personalised white waffle robes, matching eye masks, passport covers, and even luggage tags.

The Love Island shop now offers greetings cards with all the shows unofficial catchphrases. Send your crush a youre my type on paper card, or ask your housemate to take the bins out with a can I pull you for a chat?

How To Apply For Love Island 2022

ITV2 is still accepting singletons for Love Island in 2022, if their casting website is to be believed. Applications will remain open until we announce a closing date on the Love Island Website, they say.

You must be over the age of 18 to take part in the program, and you must be able to take part for a minimum of ten consecutive weeks. You must also have a valid passport, of course.

Love Island continues on ITV and ITV Hub weeknights and Sundays at 9 p.m.

This article was originally published on April 8, 2022.

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