Kristin Cavallari and Stephen Colletti Discuss Their Shocking Laguna Beach Salaries

Kristin Cavallari and Stephen Colletti Discuss Their Shocking Laguna Beach Salaries ...

On paper, appearing on a reality show is a ticket to stardom and a bigger wallet. However, the numbers are a little more dubious than one might assume. The stars of the MTV series Laguna Beach, which ran for three seasons from 2004 to 2006 and created a whole new subgenre around wealthy teenagers, are now revealing what they accomplished while appearing on the program.

In the years following their reality stardom in the early aughts, Cavallari and Colletti dated during their high school years, though Collettis friendship with Lauren Conrad was a sticking point in their relationship. The love triangle between the three of them was the main plot of the first two seasons.

Cavallari and Colletti discussed their salary on the first episode of the pod, which was retitled "Back to the Beach" by Dear Media. I think Cavallari paid $2,500 for her entire salary on the first 11 episodes of the show, but Colletti countered: "It's $2,000." We were all like, "Were you out of here!"

Cavallari and Colletti were both teens at the time and hail from the extremely wealthy Orange County enclave, but for a show that centered their lives and enlisted the young cast into the public eye, the salary is laughable. Cavallari said, I honestly would have done it for free. At that point in high school, I was like, Oh, my God, great!'

Colletti believes the experience was a gateway to adult entertainment, which he pursued after school. Cavallari remembers the interview process well. She said, "I dont know, I dont care as long as it's not Lauren Conrad."

Cavallari is worried about rewatching her high school days when she was often portrayed as the villain. I think its going to be fun to go back and replay those years, although, im not going to lie, I was overjoyed when I saw them. I was like, Thank you! That was us. Thats not me. Thats not what happened.

At least now, she is able to set the record straight on her own terms.

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