Drew Barrymore's Blissful Rain Video: The Best Memes & Tweets

Drew Barrymore's Blissful Rain Video: The Best Memes & Tweets ...

Drew Barrymore's life really revolves around the little things. Over the weekend, the actress and host of The Drew Barrymore Show posted a now viral video on TikTok of a simple pleasure that has since sparked lots of joy on the Internet: running around in the rain.

Barrymore exclaims between the raindrops that whenever you can go out in the rain, do not miss the chance. The video has surpassed 13 million views on TikTok as well as 2.8 million likes. The Charlies Angels star also shared the video on Instagram, which has received more than 614K likes and dozens of comments from other celebrities.

Barrymore has gone viral for running in the rain for the first time. Back in May, she shared a similar video, hair soaked and smiling, after getting soaked in a storm. If it rains anywhere you are, just run out in the rain, she said in the earlier video.

Barrymore's fascination with precipitation is loved by everyone on the internet, and the rest of the internet does the same. Fans have responded to the joyful video in many positive and funny ways.

Fans sent a slam of encouragement to her comment section, with messages like the little things make all the difference in our lives! along with don't ever change Drew.

And, of course, the rest of the internet was quick to react, recreating and relating to Barrymores' frolicking. Some of the greatest content came from TikTok, where users took Barrymores' sound and made it their own.

Barrymore's joy was recited by some TikTok users as a comeback to childhood innocence, and they followed suit with their own idioms about enjoying the rain.

Other fans tweeted their thoughts about the viral video and how wonderful it was to see Barrymores smile.

Twitter users were quick to notice how Barrymore is healing her inner child, just like on TikTok.

Fans find the happiness Barrymore exudes in her short film to be infectious, and they may be anticipating a cloudburst sometime soon.

Some of the responses to Barrymores videos were actually funny. Memes emerged from the video among the aspirations and recreations.

The viral video that followed released one certainty: Drew Barrymore is loved by the internet, especially when we get to see her heal.

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