Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck's Reactions to Jennifer Rodriguez's Married Act is shown below

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck's Reactions to Jennifer Rodriguez's Married Act is shown below ...

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck got engaged on July 16, 20 years after they were engaged the first time around in 2002, before splitting up a couple of years later. Naturally, everyone involved in the Bennifer shippers was ecstatic, especially those who witnessed their Y2K relationship. However, one person, in particular, seemed to be quite content with the couple's proposal.

Rodriguez, a baseball alum, was previously engaged to Affleck in 2021, after five years of being together. Hes since come to accept the events and is happy for her. The source also said he's enjoying himself. He's really interested in his family, his career, and all that he's got to do.

Even if he did not learn about the nuptials the way everyone else did through the media, the source said, He's made peace with how things ended, and He respects her and wishes her everything the best.

Rodriguez appeared on Martha Stewart's podcast on July 13, just a few days before the wedding. She only had good things to say about the Marry Me star. She is, as I was recently able to demonstrate to some of my colleagues here, the most talented human being Ive ever encountered. She is the greatest live performer in the world today that is alive.

A source close to Rodriguez told E! Online that he was shocked and ecstatic by the news that Lopez and Affleck reconnected just a month after her relationship with Rodriguez in April 2021. He has been reaching out to J.Lo hoping to meet her. She has been very brief with him.

Despite his initial fears, acceptance quickly followed. Rodriguez expressed his gratitude to ET for their time together in an August 2021 interview. With my daughters, we learned so much, he continued, And now we have the opportunity to take that and move forward and say, You know what?

Jennifer Garner, Affleck's ex-wife, hasn't commented on his recent engagement to E! However, according to previous reports, she seems to be in agreement with the marriage. A source told E! that Jen is extremely enthralled with Ben and that she believes J.Lo has been a positive influence in several ways.

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