At the Colosseum, Russell Crowe just performed The Gladiator

At the Colosseum, Russell Crowe just performed The Gladiator ...

Russell Crowes' role as fallen soldier Maximus in Ridley Scotts epic Gladiator has gotten you a Academy Award for Best Actor, and the film continues to be a popular fan favorite 22 years later. Now, the Australian actor is ready to throw his weight back into the arena. It was a little while ago that he visited the Colosseum in Rome.

The actor joked about taking the kids to see my old office while inside the Colosseum itself. Later, he teased: Where am I now?

Crowe, who is currently filming his latest thriller The Pope's Exorcist, shared a very enjoyable day with his family, before taking a private tour of the Vatican. It was truly an unforgettable experience. My mother had been able to see these corridors with my father 20 years ago, and it is the third most popular museum in the world.

We pushed her down those same corridors in a wheelchair, without a tourist crowd, just us. My dad passed away in 2021, but every interesting corridor has its own significance.

He revealed that while sitting on a balcony, admiring the breathtaking views beyond, he and his mother heard the melody of Danny Boy being played near by, which happened to be a song performed at his dad's funeral.

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