On the Bachelorette, why did Chris leave? Theme and Tweets Prove It Was Awkward For Everyone

On the Bachelorette, why did Chris leave? Theme and Tweets Prove It Was Awkward For Everyone ...

Gabby Windey and Rachel Recchia sent their first few men home on the second episode of The Bachelorette, including Chris, who riled up the whole Bachelor Nation Twitter when he began talking about Fantasy Suites.

Chris, a California mentality coach, raised the Fantasy Suites in a conversation with several of the guys. He said if Gabby or Rachel ended up sleeping with other contestants, he would depart. Nate called Chris out for what he said to no end.

Rachel was shocked by the information. I don't even know why sex is being discussed in the past. She spoke out about her time on Clayton Echards Season and the tense controversy that resulted in her and Gabby's separation from others.

Rachel told Gabby what had happened. Ive never even discussed with Chris, according to Gabby. It's very controlling and disrespectful to our journey and process.

The women pushed Chris aside and it didnt go so well. Do you feel it is appropriate to be discussing Fantasy Suites this early? Gabby replied, later saying, I'm not taking anyone's reaction away from me.

Gabby was quick to point out that they have only been on the show for four days. Youd respect our gender roles if you have seen our journey, she assured him. At that point, Rachel asked him to withdraw. They even escorted him out.

Rachel immediately called out saying, Can we please disturb you guys? We asked you to leave in a confessional after.

Rachel confessed to Gabby as they watched him depart, before praising her co-star. You handled it very gracefully.

The internet found the whole affair extremely awkward, and while the ladies seemed to move on from the situation and even continued to hold their first-ever Rose Ceremony.

Bachelor Nation was pleased with the confrontation though, and they wanted more of Gabby and Rachel in the relationship with Chris.

When he adlibbed a song, audience members already loved his group date performance.

More were immediately turned off by his presumptuous remarks about making it to the Fantasy Suites, which they considered to be a bit premature. One user tweeted, Im sorry did he just say FANTASY SUITES?! It's like day two.

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