Fans are eager for the new album due to Slipknots' morbid The Dying Song lyrics

Fans are eager for the new album due to Slipknots' morbid The Dying Song lyrics ...

Slipknot has released their new song The Dying Song this week, following a lot of anticipation. The reaction from fans is overwhelming.

The end, so far, a new song from the heavy metal band, comes ahead of the release of their sixth album, which consists of 12 tracks in all.

The Dying Song is a great time for all Slipknot followers, and all social media attention is focused on the recently released track.

The Dying Song is released by Slipknot.

Slipknot released their new track The Dying Song ahead of their forthcoming album on Tuesday (July 19).

Michael Shawn Crahan, aka Clown, directed the song, which has accompanied a video.

Crahan teases new music, new art, and new beginnings in a press release. Get ready for the end.

The Dying Song starts with a couple of lines from Corey Taylor, and many fans have praised Jay Weinberg's drumming in the track.

Fans are ecstatic about the new album.

The Dying Songs' savage lyrics are a lot of fans' anticipation for the release of other songs from Slipknots' seventh studio album The End, So Far.

One fan tweeted: The Dying Song is here, and its time to sing out loud the new single. Also, Jay Weinberg's absolute monstrous drumming is chaotic and Sid Wilsons mask hit me nostalgically finally got something worth jamming all night and day.

Another person commented: Slipknots new song the dying melody is brilliant cant wait to see the whole album on September 30th.

Someone else felt dissatisfied with the new track and wrote: Slipknots' new song The Dying Song (Time To Sing) is a lot of fun to listen to as their previous album, We Are Not Your Kind, was an absolute smash hit and one of my favorites in their entire catalog.

You may also read more about the song and the lyrics here.

Slipknot is also on a tour.

This summer, the band will begin their much-anticipated tour.

The European leg of their tour will take place between July 20 and August 19th, with shows in Bulgaria, Romania, Germany, Slovakia, and Poland.

Their North American tour begins in Nashville in September and finishes in California with performances in Sacramento and Irvine.

The End, So Far, Slipknot's seventh studio album, will be released on September 30th, 2022.

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