As a funny TikTok trend takes over, the protein Bor meaning is explained

As a funny TikTok trend takes over, the protein Bor meaning is explained ...

Protein bor is probably everywhere if you have been on TIkTok this week.

People are filming videos about the strange expression, commenting on random TikToks, and simply inundating the app with strange words.

If youre here, it means you're a little confused. What does protein bor mean? It all comes down to a popular fitness TikToker and his strong Irish accent.

Read on to learn more about the funny app trend that has taken over the app.

The funny protein bor trend is explained.

A funny protein bor trend at TikToks all starts with an Irish TikTok user called James Doyle.

The fitness Tiktoker shares videos about the gym and often reviews various supplements and protein supplements, including shakes, yoghurts, and bars.

Many of his followers noticed that due to his thick Irish accent, he says protein bar a bit strangely, with the word bar sounding like bor, which is how the funny trend began!

Fans would comment on his funny pronunciation whenever he reviewed a new protein bar, which quickly became viral on the video-sharing app.

Protein bor is now used in under-the-radar clips, and the phenomenon has completely taken over TikTok.

Protein bor #irish

James Doyle Fitness, who is he?

James Doyle, or Protein Bor Papi as he now calls himself, is a 20-year-old health and fitness TikToker from Leitrim, Republic of Ireland.

Due to his viral protein bor trend, he only began uploading videos in April 2020.

James provides a wealth of fitness videos, including gym clips, product reviews, funny workout skits, and other health jokes.

After he reached 100,000 followers in such a short span of time, he thanked fans for their support, saying he was surprised.

Before he said, I did not anticipate this in a million years: Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

James has recently launched an Instagram account with 1,300 followers and has reposted some of his TikTok videos.

Protein bor #proteinbor #proteinbor

TikTok gets a hilarious accent blunder.

With his funny rendition of the popular protein snack, James created the biggest trend on TikTok this week.

Fans are commenting protein bor under every single one of his videos, even those that were made before April, but the trend does not stop there.

People are also putting the phrase under their For You page under random TikTok videos, and it has taken over Twitter, which has caused a lot of confusion online.

One person wrote on Twitter who is protein bor, and why are my comments stuffed with it? While another said: What the f is a protein bor?

Others agree that the whole thing is hilarious, and videos with the hashtag #proteinbor have already received more than 6.8 million views on TikTok.

I feel like an alien was sent to earth what the heck is this protein bor thing I'm so out of the loop

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