In 2022, how do you snooze Instagram's recommended posts?

In 2022, how do you snooze Instagram's recommended posts? ...

Instagram likes to pick out some of the content that it thinks would be suitable for you, but sometimes it fails to make the correct decisions. So, how can you ensure that your recommended posts stay intact in 2022?

People have been getting recommendations that they aren't too fond of in recent times, which tends to sag their mood. It becomes worse when you keep coming across same information over and over again.

Given that Instagram is programmed to make suggestions, it becomes a challenge to just see what you want. Luckily, there is a simple solution to this problem.

How to Snooze Instagram's Recommended Posts

If you want to snooze your suggested posts, follow the steps listed below:

For a month, Instagram will delete all suggested posts in that same category, and you would have to repeat the same procedure thereafter. If you do not want to see a particular suggested post because it made you uncomfortable, you may also choose to delete the post of the specific user.

For this, simply select This post made me uncomfortable.

What is the use of Instagram suggestions?

Instagram takes a look at the most recent posts that you have shared, that is, the likes and comments or the content you decided to take a break from.

Instagram tends to show you similar posts in the hopes that it will keep you interested. The same technique is used when it comes to coming up with posts that you see on your feed.

Are there any new features?

Users may benefit from a few new features added to the platform, such as Embedsocial's following:

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