After the national anthem performance, Conan Gray was chastised for a Fergie moment

After the national anthem performance, Conan Gray was chastised for a Fergie moment ...

Conan Grays' national anthem performance has been criticized on the internet, with MLB fans comparing the singers' efforts to the legendary Fergie song from 2008.

Many musicians in the United States are likely to fantasize about being invited to sing the national anthem during a major event, whether it be political or sporting.

Over the years, countless celebrities have shown us their attempts at the Star-Spangled Banner. Each star appears slightly different from previous covers.

Conan Gray, a Youtube sensation, has apparently had his national anthem moment slew down less than he had hoped.

Conan Gray sings the national anthem.

MLB fans flocked to the Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles on the eve of the 2022 All-Star Game. They gathered to watch the annual Home Run Derby.

The Derby is a well-known part of All-Star Week festivities, and on Monday, 18th July, first-time champion Juan Soto won the Derby with a total of 19 home runs.

Conan Gray, who was given the honor of singing the US national anthem, was among the many fans who stayed up after the game.

Conan Gray has received a fair amount of online criticism in the hours since his performance. Baseball fans took to Twitter to criticize the Heather singers' efforts. However, supporters were quick to defend his position against the national anthem.

MLB viewers chastises Gray, prompting fans to run to his defense.

Everyone on the internet seems to have their own strong opinions when it comes to music and sport. And when these two worlds collide, like during the Superbowl or during a national anthem performance, hot takes and arguments on Twitter are guaranteed.

MLB fans appeared to be largely unimpressed with what they saw yesterday, following the Conan Grays national anthem speech.

Conan gray, who is he, and why did he agree to do this, according to Yankees reporter Lindsey Adler.

One responder claims Grays was the worst national anthem (theyve) ever heard. Strong words indeed!

One Conan Gray stan urged him to stand up for our child. His army of supporters claimed that his performance was not even poor.

Gray receives Fergie comparisons.

Gray's most vocal criticism was probably due to his performance in the NBA All-Star Game, which he compared to Fergies' 2018 national anthem performance.

Fergies' cover was branded as deplorable after taking a rather unconventional approach to the iconic song. The singer even apologized for her performance.

Conan Gray's efforts, unfortunately, may have surpassed Fergies, according to some viewers:

Conan gray's fergie moment

Conan Gray has received the worst national anthem performance since Fergie.

To be honest, not everyone was completely convinced:

People who said conan gray sang the worst national anthem ever are dragging it out, like you're going to tell me he's worse than fergie.

Let's just hope Conan isnt a frequent Twitter follower. What do you think of Conan Gray's national anthem cover? Let us know in the comments!

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