After a bizarre holy crystal incident, Demi Lovato had to have stitches on their face

After a bizarre holy crystal incident, Demi Lovato had to have stitches on their face ...

Demi Lovato had to have three stitches near the eyebrow in a rocky accident. The singer then hit their head on the top of their crystals at home, ouch. It happened the day before she appeared on Jimmy Kimmel.

Demi Lovato posted a disturbing episode after being hit with one of her many crystals at home. The singer wanted to commemorate the occasion by creating a TiktTok.

Demi is just too cool for the summer, just like any sane person.

After an accidental bump, Demi gets stitches.

Guess who hit their head on a crystal and has to be stitched before Kimmel tomorrow??? #substance #fuck

The 29-year-old singer posted a TikTok to update followers on the little freak accident using the famous audio clip Nobodys gonna know/They gonna know.

The song was shared more than 3.7 million times by the Substance singer, who captioned her: Who hit their head on a crystal and needs stitches before Kimmel tomorrow?

The singer covers part of their face with their hand before revealing the deep cut on their forehead in the video.

Many fans went on to leave positive comments, wishing them a speedy recovery. Others joked about the situation and reassured the power of the crystal.

Crystals have a healing power, according to one fan, but sometimes they lash out.

Another fan joked: Tell me youre Demi Lovato without telling me youre Demi Lovato.

Jimmy Kimmel's appearance as a wig

Demi wore a wig to cover the scar in order not to cancel their appearance on the Jimmy Kimmel show. The singer was invited to the concert the day after the incident to promote their new album titled HOLY FVCK and the song Substance.

The 29-year-old revealed further details about how they got involved with guest host Mark Rober.

Im a huge fan of crystals, and I have an amethyst that is about this tall, Demi explained.

They continued: I went to pick up something and I couldn't see the amethyst, so I struck my head. Last night, I had to get three stitches in my face.

Demi recalls making a TikTok before they had told anyone else after she FaceTimed their doctor. Yes, like any sane person would do.

The Demis HOLY FVCK album will be released on August 19th.

The 29-year-old singer will release their eighth studio album, HOLY FVCK, on August 19, 2022.

There will be a total of 16 tracks, two of which have already been released: Skin of my teeth and Substance. The album will feature the collaborations of Yungblud, Royal & The Serpent, and Dead Sara.

The singer will be performing in 31 different cities as well as the album's release. They will be held in Canada, the United States, and South America.

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