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Allegheny Technologies Incorporated (ATI) generated a Return on Equity (TTM) of -12460.42% and a Return on Assets (TTM) of 0.18%

Allegheny Technologies Incorporated (ATI) generated a Return on Equity (TTM) of -12460.42% and a Return on Assets (TTM) of 0.18%

Allegheny Technologies Incorporated (NYSE: ATI) opened the trading session on June 11, 2021, at $24.11, showing a change of 0.5065% against the previous close at $23.69. During the trading session, the stock price increased to $24.27 and dropped to $23.55. Finally, the stock adjusted at $23.81. Nevertheless, taking into consideration a long-term perspective, Allegheny Technologies Incorporated reported a 52 Week Range within the ambit of $8.04-$25.04.

Allegheny Technologies Incorporated's shares outstanding currently value $127.20M, as well as with a float of $126.07M. ATI operates in the Industrials sector of the Metal Fabrication industry and has a market capitalization of $3.13B (as of June 11, 2021). Also worth noting that Allegheny Technologies Incorporated's 50-day Moving Average adjusted at $23.66, while such sign as 200-day Moving Average is at the present time $20.14.

To rate the company's efficiency, let's focus attention on Allegheny Technologies Incorporated's conglomerate performance. Currently, ATI has 6500 full-time employees. Allegheny Technologies Incorporated has generated $439,815.385 per worker During the last fiscal year. In the interim, ATI's income per employee was $-241,938.462. And now, let's focus attention on the company's income report. Allegheny Technologies Incorporated's Net Income for the last fiscal year was $-1,572,600,000, while such sign as Income Before Taxes was at the level of $-1,494,900,000. ATI's Operating Income was at the mark of $-1,302,700,000.

Allegheny Technologies Incorporated (ATI) Earnings & Revenue

Talking about the Profitability, ATI reached a Profit Margin of -58.9% and an Operating Margin (TTM) of 0.52%. However, when we touch the questions of management effectiveness, Allegheny Technologies Incorporated generated a Return on Equity (TTM) of -12460.42% and a Return on Assets (TTM) of 0.18%. A bit more income statements might bring clarity to our overview. According to the results of the latest quarter ended March 31, 2021, Allegheny Technologies Incorporated generated Revenue (TTM) of $2.72B, reporting a Quarterly Revenue Growth of -27.5%. As for the Revenue Per Share (TTM), this indicator was at the mark of $21.465. The company's Gross Profit (TTM) was $300.00M, while according to the EBITDA report, it was estimated at $140.40M.

Allegheny Technologies Incorporated (NYSE: ATI) Owners & Shares

Finally, let's take a look at the share statistics. As mentioned above, ATI's shares outstanding now amounts to $127.20M, where Shares Short was $14.34M versus the prior month amounted to $14.80M. (Short % of Float was 15.34%). And now, let's overview which kind of investors works with Allegheny Technologies Incorporated's stocks. ATI's current ownership accounts for 106.999% institutional investors, while 0.715% of shares belong to the insiders. Also worth mentioning some indicators affecting dividends & splits. Thus, ATI's Forward Annual Dividend Rate is currently at the mark of 0, whereas the Dividend Yield is 0%, and a Dividend Payout Ratio is 0% (Dividend Date: September 8, 2016). The company's Dividend Per Share sign thereby is $0.

ATI Trading Performance

It's time to observe the current performance indicators for Allegheny Technologies Incorporated. ATI's price/earnings to growth ratio during the last reported quarter was 1.2%. The company's PE Ratio stands at 22.9207%, while ATI's Beta score is 1.9168. Also worth noting that Allegheny Technologies Incorporated's Diluted EPS (Earnings per Share) trailing twelve months is at the mark of -12.658. Other valuable indicators are Price To Sales Ratio (TTM), which is currently recorded at 1.1507, as well as Price To Book Ratio, which amounts to 6.5063.

Allegheny Technologies Incorporated Analysis & Estimates

Within the previous 9-day period, Allegheny Technologies Incorporated's Average True Range (ATR) was 0.8629, while the stock's Stochastic SlowD moving average was 51.7045%, and the SlowK moving average volumed at 51.7045%.

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