Nordisk has acquired Supermassive Games

Nordisk has acquired Supermassive Games ...

Nordisk Games, the Danish subsidiary of Supermassive Games, has purchased a 30.7% share in the developers of The Dark Pictures Anthology and The Quarry. The previous owners purchased the developer's share in the development last year.

In a blog post, Nordisk Games made an initial investment in Supermassive Games and our future strategy. During that time, we have discovered that we share a lot of important values with Mikkel and his team, and we believe these values are equally important to our existing commercial partners.

Having had such a positive experience over the last year, Nordisk Games decided it was not a difficult decision, according to Samuels. We have a very strong and ambitious growth strategy for Supermassive Games, and Nordisk Games' ownership only reinforces that. I'm extremely excited about where the security offered by this partnership and continued access to Nordisk Games' expertise will take us next.

Nordisk Games is already a partner in a number of game developers, including MercuryStream and Flashbulb Games. Avalanche Studios is also the creators of the Just Cause series of games.

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According to Mikkel Weider, CEO of Nordisk Games, in the year weve worked with Pete and Joe and the entire Supermassive team, it has been clear to us how much talent we have, as well as how much potential there is to enhance the kinds of story and narrative-driven games they excel at.

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