39 of the Best Ethical & Sustainable Clothing Brands

39 of the Best Ethical & Sustainable Clothing Brands ...

Consumers are increasingly attracted to ethical clothing brands that make wearable goods more environmentally friendly.

Fast fashion continues to pollute the planet by exploiting the equivalent of slave labor to produce inexpensive goods. Some consumers are retaliating and making a conscious decision to select slow fashion that is committed to fair trade and ethically-made goods. These sustainable slow fashion businesses are focused on transparency, using recycled or organic materials, and ethical manufacturing processes to create stylish women's clothing.

Weve compiled a list of the best sustainable apparel brands, from Reformation and Stella McCartney to Patagonia and Everlane. Explore these ethical and sustainable fashion companies to discover stylish fair trade clothes, eco-friendly apparel, and stylish styles you can wear without feeling guilty!


Sustainable Fashion Brands

Reformation does not limit themselves to weddings and workplaces. Theyre completely committed to green practices and have been carbon neutral since 2015. Their electricity is 100% wind-powered, their buildings are eco-friendly, and they work closely with suppliers to ensure that the best green practices and expectations are met.

Eco-friendly apparel and products from the brand are made in small batches, which means you won't have to replace old garments or waste money on environmental issues. Additionally, they guarantee a pair of socks for every pair of shoes you buy from them.MorphosisMorphosis is a Swedish company that provides sustainable apparel and products for all kinds of activities.

Stella McCartney has been establishing new trends in fashion for years, and her transformation into a totally sustainable brand means you can get the high-end looks you want without worrying about the environment. Her entire organization is committed both to finding and using materials that have little to no impact on the environment. She works to ensure that every point on her brands' supply chain is respected, ethically maintained, and equipped with eco-friendly materials.

Alternative Apparel offers lounge wear and staples for men, women, children, and the home. The company designs and manufactures all of their products with integrity and sustainability in mind. They use recycled cotton and hemp blend, which eliminates pesticides and herbicides, and their goal is to replace all virgin polyester with recycled polyester by 2021.

Kitx is committed to preserving three fundamentals of sustainability, which help them to create a beautiful boutique of everything from skirts to shoes to kids' activism wear. They recycle materials and avoid virgin plastics, and they continue to use traditional craftsmanship methods, which often use less energy and last longer.

Everlane is committed to providing beautiful and timeless basics that every man and woman should have in their wardrobe. The popular fashion brand works with the finest factories around the globe to create pieces that last.

Zavi creates beautiful clothing for men and women while attempting to do so while conserving the environment for the next generation. They utilize organic cotton, bamboo, peace silk, and recycled plastic to assist in this goal, and they reduce water consumption during the manufacturing process.

Cuyana sells quality wardrobe essentials and accessories, including small leather bags, tanks, evening dresses, and other clothing lines. They make every item in tiny batches so that every item can be found at a landfill, and they use only natural materials. Pieces that last for years, which reduces the company's carbon footprint.

Amour Vert offers lovely, garden-inspired products as well as eco-friendly products that make purchasing from them guilt-free. For every tee you buy from the company, the company will plant a tree. Currently, the brand has planted over 300,000 trees.

People Tree is an eco-friendly manufacturing company that has been for a long time. They know how to do it right. Naturally, they also make gorgeous clothing, jewelry, and gifts for women, including a vegan line that even non-vegans will fall in love with.

Pact offers eco-friendly apparel for everyone in the family as well as pieces for the home you can trust. They are committed to supporting and protecting artisans, farmers, and artisans at every stage of the supply chain, and they are Fair Trade USA Factory Certified.

Thought has been around since the 1990s, as have their commitment to sustainable fashion, although it continues to evolve with new materials and technology. They only use organic cotton, hemp, and bamboo, and they source their materials sustainably. A pair of socks is also given for every pair sold.

Misha Nonoo hasn't been around long, yet every year they continue to improve their commitment to sustainable fashion to the next level. They recycle paper and envelopes in their packaging, natural fibers in all their apparel, and have a software on-demand approach that ensures they only produce what they sell, reducing production waste and material.

Baum Und Pferdgarten is well-known for bold designs that make a statement and can transform the office uniform or make it simple to express your style at corporate events. With a goal to be 100% single-use plastic-free by 2024, the brand is ethical and environmentally-friendly.

Youll find lovely cozy sweaters, spring dresses, and versatile accessories at Tradlands. Youll also find responsible manufacturing practices and well-designed items that last years, meaning they wont end up in landfills.

Because of responsibly sourced wool, their dedication to forest conservation, and safe clothing dyeing techniques that do not require harsh chemicals, Eileen Fisher provides comfortable and timeless items for any wardrobe.

Patagonia clothing is a low-maintenance method of taking every adventure to the next level. These wardrobe essentials are versatile, cool, and easy to use, and the company is dedicated to protecting the environment. Thats why they strive to save energy and water in their facilities, as well as packaging only recyclable bags and boxes.

Athleta focuses on contemporary workout apparel, but youll also find cute wardrobe staples as well. The clothing is made to support modern women and the environment, which is why 76% of its materials are sustainable, and they employ water-saving methods for manufacturing.

Able isn't just a great place to find stylish and comfortable shoes, bags, jewelry, and apparel; its also a female-centric company that strives to ensure equal pay for women at all stages of the manufacturing process, ensuring high quality products that last for years.

Outerknown was founded by ocean enthusiasts who love to wear cute, beachy looks while adhering to environmental laws that will protect the oceans and the ocean for generations. 90% of the fibers used are organic, recycled, or regenerated, and theyll replace or repair old pieces to keep them out of landfills.

Boden sells beautiful, bold, and comfortable clothes for the whole family, as well as homeware and baby clothes, as well as craftspeople and accessories that are warranted for a 365-day warranty. They also recycle packaging and shipping materials.

Mara Hoffman's day-to-day outfit, casual outfit, and wedding decor will have you falling in love. You'll also never have to worry about replacing them often, or the impact that this will have on the environment.

Kotn offers timeless pieces that will complement any wardrobe. They carry men and women's clothing and are committed to understanding where their materials came from, how they were made, and what impact they have on the environment. Farmers and artisans handcraft the fabrics responsibly.

Sezane offers stylish, versatile clothes for men and women. 70% of the materials they use are eco-friendly and they offer two eco-friendly specific lines, one for denim and one for leisurewear.

Monsoon clothing is charming and stunning, perfect for every occasion, from everyday office wear to the next summer wedding. Theyre currently collaborating with Oxfam on organic farming initiatives, and they have used methods such as rainwater harvesting, extensive recycling options, and energy-efficient fittings to reduce their impact on the environment.

Outdoor Voices has all of the gear you need to get moving, no matter what your preferred activities are. They manufacture their apparel with longevity and circularity in mind, so they last longer and last longer when they can no longer be worn. They only use recyclable materials for their packaging.

United By Blue's casual beach pieces and eco-friendly collections are at your disposal. In addition to carrying items under the hashtag #QuitSingleUse, like bottles, mugs, and straws, they also use organic cotton and soft hemp products.

Girlfriend Collective's line of women's activewear and accessories is made of old bottles and other recyclable materials. Their packaging is also 100% recycled and recyclable, so everything from the company can be reused more than once. Plus, these cute shirts, tees, and tanks are the most comfortable items you'll ever wear.

Gabriela Hearst sells high-end clothing for men, women, and children from your favorite designers. They also use sustainable materials, eco-friendly manufacturing methods, vegan apparel, and long-lasting clothing.

Boyish Jeans offers a wide range of timeless denim styles with modern sustainable manufacturing techniques that eco-fans will fall in love with. Each pair uses only one-third of the average amount of water and all materials are recycled, so you can get the styles you love while supporting the environment at the same time.

Collusion has a wide range of stylish and modern streetwear, lounge wear, and luxe apparel and accessories for men and women. More than one-third of their materials are sustainably sourced, and they continue to reduce their carbon emissions each year. They also raise money and provide resources for fantastic initiatives around the world.

Salt Gypsy is a beachy design company that encourages wanderlust and environmental awareness. They utilize the EcoNYL Regeneration System to reimagine, reuse, regenerate, and remake their materials, which allows them to be reused again and again. This helps save oil, reduce water consumption, and more.

Spell and Gypsy's clothing is lovable and vintage-inspired, with a beachy vibe, and their philosophy fits that love of the environment. They utilize sustainable materials, like organic cotton, ethically sourced and environmental dyes, and a circular fashion method of recycling and recycling, all of which help to reduce their carbon footprint.

Edun is a deity that is spelled backward, and their focus is on repurposing raw materials and re-renewing to nature, which they do with the best ecological practices. This retailer works with craftspeople and artisans in Africa to find unique and earth-friendly products at every stage of the manufacturing process.

Fair Trade Winds has everything from apparel to gifts to home decor. They carry cards, jewelry, and accessories and are committed to Fair Trade standards for manufacture and delivery. They are certified members of the Fair Trade Federation, they use sustainable materials for their apparel and gifts, and they strive to empower women, protect children, and combat human trafficking through ethical methods.

Rue Stiic has the beachy, modern vintage vibes you love, inspired by the Californian and Australian coasts. The fabrics are hand-dyed in small batches by experienced craftspeople from local businesses and more than half of their fabrics are already sustainably sourced. By the end of 2020, the company plans to use only sustainable materials.

Browns Conscious Edit has a long and distinguished history in the fashion industry. Along with its high-quality luxury clothing, the company has adopted sustainable, eco-forward practices for their business. For example, the company uses environmental-friendly materials and works with local communities to minimize the environmental impact of its products at every stage of production.

Petite Studio's chic spring-inspired apparel or their excellent sustainable practices are unsurpassed. Find work, lounge, or party gear that is built to last, made in smaller batches, and designed to use the finest materials possible.

Morphosis is a Swedish company that makes it simple to acquire the fitness gear you want without causing any harm to the environment. The manufacturing process is ethical and eco-friendly, and the company donates 25% of its profits each year.

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