65 of the Best Brown Hair with Highlights

65 of the Best Brown Hair with Highlights ...

Highlights are a great way to add color and dimension to your brown hair, whether it's light, medium, or dark brown. You may want to go for understated and subtle styling for subtle natural highlights before your next salon appointment. From caramel and honey to red and chocolate brown highlights, there's something for everyone.


Highlights and Dark Brown Hair

Dark brown hair looks fantastic with highlights of any kind, whether you want to make a bold statement or want an understated look. Try your hand at brown, blonde, caramel, or light brown highlights to accent your hairstyle.

Medium Brown Hair with Highlights

Medium brown hair with highlights allows you to experiment with the look without signing up. Medium brown hair is beautiful, but change can be beneficial, and using new hair colors may be the solution for you. Keep your medium brown hair color layered, long, or straight to show off the different shades.

Light Brown Hair with Highlights

Light brown hair with highlights is fun, flawless, and beautiful, regardless of your hair type, texture, or skin tone. It goes well with red, honey, caramel, or blonde highlights to create a chic look.

Brunette Highlights

While beauty trends change, brunette highlights are timeless and have stood the test of time. From light shades in the spring and summer to darker shades in the autumn and winter, combining your brunette hair color with highlights can create a beautiful contrast for all brunettes.

Brown Hair's Best Highlights

A beautiful contrast between a dark chocolate brown and a lighter blonde

Add reddish caramel highlights to a warm brown base if you want a soft and feminine color. With this subtle tonal change, you'll be radiant and beautiful.

Warm blonde highlights for brown hair can help you recreate a classic appearance. If you prefer subtle and beautiful highlights that look more natural, there are a variety of balayage hair colors that will enhance hairstyles with highlights!

Consider using short brown hair with highlights to add drama, dimension, and flair to your look. By incorporating some color, you can make your short hairstyle even more unique and spicy.

Highlights and the freshness that they bring can make even shorter styles, such as pixie cuts.

Long brown hair can be layered, curly, or wavy, and highlights can brighten up your color and give you an alluring contemporary finish. From copper to blonde, caramel, and honey, there are many cute highlight ideas for your medium to long brown hairstyle.

Add creamy caramel and blonde highlights to your rich brown hair to achieve a sophisticated look that flows effortlessly and flawlessly. The lighter color will enhance your appearance for a stylish hairstyle.

Your highlights will appear like sunshine painted throughout your tresses when you add blonde highlights to red-brown hair.

For a sweet and simple highlight, you can change your brown hair by adding a few shades lighter than your natural color.

Add a little lightness to a full head of dark brown hair, and medium-dark highlights will give you a natural tone shift.

Caramel highlights on brown hair are a lovely and elegant color combination that flows from one shade to the other. They are generally universally flattering because the colors complement each other yet add an additional dimension of flair.

The softness of blonde highlights compliments the versatility of medium-sand brown hair.

Medium brown coloring is enhanced by blonde and red highlights, especially in ombre hairstyles.

With the traditional and natural brown-on-brown color combination, your hair will have extra shine and elegance.

Youll look frosted and stylish in all the right places with touches of icy blonde highlights in brown hair.

Consider chunky golden highlights for a dramatic contrast to dark brown hair.

Golden highlights add a natural boost to brown hair that is as radiant as the sun.

Caramel highlights add a lovely contrast to deep brunette hair.

Mixing dark red-brown hair with lighter caramel colored highlights is a smart move, since it gives the rich tone a few sunshine pops.

Opt for some dazzling dark honey highlights for streamlined tresses that shine.

Dark chocolate hair will have a stunning and striking glimmer by adding just a touch of blonde in thin streaks.

This color combination is subtle yet delectable, just like the perfect milk and dark chocolate swirl.

With a dark base and a caramel touch-up, you'll look as chic as a dessert, and even more flawless.

On darker brunettes, brown highlights look very good, adding layers of drama.

Youre igniting a fire and embracing vibrant color by adding deep red highlights to the ends of dark brown hair.

When added to dark brown tresses, toffee highlights strike a lovely chord. Brown hair with toffee highlights looks lovely over and over. For other lighter shades, try using caramel, walnut, and bronze for a refreshing look in the fall.

Dark brown highlights are wonderful on their own, but subtle highlights can make your strands shine even more.

Light blonde streaks on super dark brown hair, which are popular and modern, make for an exciting contrast. If youve always wanted to try blonde hair, light blonde highlights are great for you, since they provide the same charm and style as dark blonde hair without requiring your stylist to bleach or tone your glamorous brown hair.

On dark brown hair, brown and red highlights can be fierce and sexy. They are best paired with outgoing personalities.

I think dark on dark is a cool combo, especially with brown and blonde hair.

You and your dark brown hair will look flawless with a few strategically selected blonde streaks.

One way to stun your dark brown hair is by putting beautiful blonde highlights throughout your head of hair.

The lightening effect of chestnut-colored highlights is one way to brighten up your dark brown tresses.

The result is a delicate shimmer that appears from every angle when dark brown hair is adorned with cool blonde highlights.

The lightness and nuttiness of chestnut highlights complete chocolate-colored hair beautifully.

Even if the two shades are vastly different on their own, the darker chocolate hair and the lighter blonde highlights complement each other beautifully for a natural appearance.

Chocolate hair with blonde and caramel highlights is a great way to slowly settle into warmer weather and transition from dark to something lighter.

Light highlights, red ends, and a dark chocolate base all meld together.

Consider adding highlights near the front to help frame your facial features and draw attention to them.

These two shades of brown are a subtle and natural pairing.

A few streaks of blonde throughout chestnut hair is a great way to add a bold punch that stands out amongst the crowds.

Touches of sun-kissed caramel color enhance curly brunette hair instantly.

With blonde and auburn highlights on a caramel base, youll give off the appearance of warmth and radiance.

Add caramel and blonde highlights to your coloring to avoid anything bland. These will add some flavor to a plain brown.

Mixing caramel and blonde is a great step in the right direction if you aren't yet ready to go all-blonde.

Rockers, stay alive: burgundy-brown hair serves as a brilliant base for bold, red highlights that captivate attention and make a statement.

Caramel highlights give a warm, luminous glow to any head of brunette hair, regardless of its shade of brown.

Combining brunette hair color with caramel and blonde highlights for a light and warm version of dirty-blonde

Dullen auburn-colored highlights in brunette hair, youll get extra warmth and depth.

Brown highlights and hair look stunning and natural, even if you only change the color a bit. Brown hair with brown highlights and hair can brighten up an otherwise simple appearance and leave you feeling your stylish self.

Brown hair with red highlights has a stylish metallic sheen, making it appealing to anyone who wants to be creative and outgoing.

Brown hair can be completely personalized. Pick highlights that are just a few shades lighter than your base color for a truly unique appearance.

The warmth of golden highlights are a welcome change from brown to black.

When you mix dark blonde highlights into medium to dark brown colored hair, there's a cooling effect.

This sophisticated color combination works well for all hair types and lengths, particularly thick layered long hair.

blonde highlights layered over light to medium brown hair have nothing like a summery shimmer.

blonde and brown hair is always a trendy combo, whether you have a blonde base color and want brown highlights, or brown hair with blonde highlights, this style is versatile and elegant, no matter how you dye it, because the transformation is so natural.

Dozens of caramel colored highlights make Ash brown hair a pleasure to complement and soften.

On ashy brown hair, the traditional blonde highlights look fantastic.

Warmer blonde highlights give brown hair a seamless tonal change, without a lot of weight or texture.

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