What Color Shirts Should Be Weared With A Grey Suit?

What Color Shirts Should Be Weared With A Grey Suit? ...

The grey suit is an essential part of any modern mans wardrobe. Trendy and sophisticated, grey suits allow men to personalize their appearance and wear a color different from black and navy. Here are five of the best shirt colors to wear with a grey suit.

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What Color Shirt Should I Wear With A Grey Suit?

After a navy suit, a grey suit is perhaps the most versatile formal attire you can own. A grey suit is a great way to create a modern appearance that can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. At work as a business professional or at your best friends wedding, the only question is what color shirt should you wear with a grey suit?

Grey Suit and Shirt Combinations

A grey shirt and a white shirt are the most basic, timeless outfit. A white dress shirt is a must-have when dressing up your grey suit. Lighter greys work well with a white shirt to create a more formal appearance, while darker greys like gunmetal will always work.

A powder blue shirt with a grey shirt will preserve all of the crispness of a white shirt while adding some visual interest. Together, they will give you a more cohesive appearance that is great for wearing your outfit during the daytime. Choose natural leather accents to accent this look.

Light blue shirts compliment lighter grey dresses well, but guys should wear a navy shirt to match dark grey outfits. These dress shirt colors are not restricted to dark grey, so wear it for occasions with less strict dress codes.

A grey shirt and a black shirt are a popular pair. This style works particularly well with slim suits for a contemporary look. For nights out on the town, a medium-grey suit with a black shirt and no tie, consider wearing both together to ensure that your outfit appears cohesive.

Although it may seem intimidating, wearing a pink shirt with a grey suit is fairly straightforward. Light pinks complement grey dresses very nicely. Add a pair of cordovan dress shoes with subtle maroon shades to complete the look.

A purple shirt teamed with a grey suit sounds more intimidating than it is. Try to tones of lavender for a versatile look. Highlight this look with deeper purples in the details. Solid dark purple shirts can come off too loudly when you want to enhance your grey outfit.

As long as the red is not overpowering, red shirts will look equally at home at your high school prom as in modern formal occasions. Instead, look for more muted tones or patterned reds that will complement the grey in your outfit. A red gingham shirt will work well under your light grey outfit the next time you go to an outdoor wedding.

Patterned shirts are a great way to break up solid colored shirts and add visual interest to your outfit. They are a staple of mens clothing because they are so versatile.

A classic blue and white striped shirt goes well with any grey outfit. A French collared shirt, in which the collar is white while the shirt is patterned, is usually best worn more formal outfits.

Wide check prints, plaids, or floral patterns are great options but make your grey suit appear more casual when needed. Choose a shirt with a very fine dotted or floral print that will look good from a distance but will surprise guests up close.

Which Color Tie To Wear With A Grey Suit

The color of your tie should be decided by the color shirt you are wearing, but there are a few guidelines to help you select the color tie to wear with your grey suit and shirt. Black, navy, blue, grey, and red are the most popular tie colors with a grey suit.

Add a deep blue or navy tie to a pink shirt and grey outfit. Use a red stripe in your tie to highlight the pink in your shirt.

A grey tie that matches your outfit with a white shirt is a classic look. Pair that with a white pocket square and you have an elegant look that appeals to every occasion.

What Shirts Should Be Worn with a Grey Suit

  • For formal attire, dress up with a black or white shirt to style a sharp, classy look.
  • For a classic mens style you can wear universally and look good, choose a white shirt with your grey suit.
  • A light blue shirt works well in the summer to create a modern preppy style.
  • Dark color shirts offer contrast and work to deepen the tone of your grey suit.
  • Light color shirts will brighten up your suit grey suit.
  • A patterned or striped shirt can transform a traditional grey suit into a bold look.
  • Your tie color can enhance your style so pick the right shirt and tie combination to match your suit.

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