Pants: 19 Different Types

Pants: 19 Different Types ...

The right trousers can give you confidence and comfort to get the job you want, impress a first date, or go on vacation with your next adventure. There are many different types of pants to choose from, and it can be difficult to pick the best fashion styles to match your outfit. Here are the top trouser styles that every man should consider for his wardrobe.

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Different Pants Styles

All men must own quality dress pants, whether they're a business professional or just need this wardrobe staple for a smart-casual look. They can match dress pants with a blazer for work or dress pants with a shirt and sweater for a casual outfit. Finding the most comfortable pants to own is always nice.

Chinos have a slew of useful functions, and you can pair them with existing items for both an upscale look and a more casual look. They also breathe easily for increased comfort. Hollywood, Ivy League preps, and others have worn them.

khaki pants are versatile, stylish, and great to wear with jeans or dresses. Unlike chinos, khaki bottoms are straight-legged, pleated, and made with lightweight cotton fabrics.

jeans are a must-have wardrobe item for any guy, from skinny to slim, straight, relaxed, and loose. If you're worried about a tight fit, choose stretchy denim material for a more comfortable fit. Otherwise, a graphic shirt or casual top will look stunning with a straight or relaxed cut.

Drawstring trousers are becoming popular right now, and it's easy to see why. Perfect for work-at-home days, running errands, or casual social occasions, add chic accessories or your favorite branded shirt to the ensemble for a high-fashion twist.

Slim-fit trousers are a stylish and easy way to show off your style while still presenting as stylish and put-together. Wear them with a blazer and darker tones or relax them with a tee and lighter shades. They are more comfortable than other bottom options and transition well between day and night.

When it comes to wool trousers, there are a variety of materials, from mohair to gabardine, which serve many different purposes and complement many different styles. If you're looking for a more formal look, a blazer and loafers will complement your outfit.

Relaxed leg trousers are a classic piece that has come back to life without much effort. This is one pair youll want to bring to the tailor for this unique look. Try cuffing to ensure you get the right fit.

Gray flannel dress pants are great ways to update your look. They are also versatile and can be worn multiple times without needing a washing.

When paired with a blazer, bright shoes, or unique accessories, these joggers can take this cozy athleisure look to a new level. If you want to add your own flair, try out some of the brighter or bolder colors.

Cropped trousers are similar to vintage 80s fashion, but men can modify them today using a few minor tweaks. Wear a nice shirt with a long jacket and stylish shoes to complete an edgy outfit with flair. The cuffs must be properly sized and cuffed.

Cargo pants are becoming more popular thanks to a modernized and slimmer fit that works for the modern man. Skip the explorer-style balloon pants and choose a similar textile without the extra big bags or excessive bagging. These pants are available in a lot of earth tones, so you can minimize them with dark greens and blues or go for a lighter summer style with the traditional camel color.

High-waisted pants are back in fashion, both for women and men, and its easy to see why. From unique and bold belts to bold sock visible at the cuff, there are a number of ways to make the look your own. Take them out to the office with a vintage-style shirt or tie them together to make the look ruggedly hot.

Pleated trousers represent a person who is stylish, confident, and knows how to present himself to the world. That means now is the perfect time to combine this classic look with contemporary tops and accessories. Pair it with a bold leather jacket that makes any outfit chic and modern.

Tracksuit bottoms aren't just for the gym; they're also great for evening walks with friends. Either way, you'll look fabulous.

Leather pants for men are versatile, rugged, and stylish in the right social setting. From skinny leather pants for fit guys to casual cuts for bikers who need padding, these types of pants are reserved for a select group who can really work the look. For a more comfortable look, try pairing your leather pants with leather shoes of the same finish.

Sweatpants are the most comfortable pants a man can wear. Sweats no longer have the same stigma as they did years ago. Whether you're sitting at home watching TV or going grocery shopping with the girlfriend, sweatpants can both look good and be comfortable.

Corduroy is a timeless textile, and pants in this material have a vintage and stylish flair. Pair yours with a well-fitted sweater for formal family gatherings or a nice shirt for a day out. The name comes from the textiles pattern and may be found in many widths and colors to match your style.

Pajama pants come in a number of styles, all of which have a functional and comfortable feel. While some pajama pant styles are so fashionable that you may wear them out, most of the time, quality pajama pants are wonderful to have around the house. From spring and fall to winter months, the best mens pajama pants are made of high-quality materials, and yet look great in the mornings when you have family visiting.

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