27 Hairstyles with Bangs for Long Hair

27 Hairstyles with Bangs for Long Hair ...

Long hair with bangs enhances any fashionable appearance. The look is low-maintenance and chic, and it can be layered, choppy, or to the side. Ultimately, the best fringe bangs with long hair will flatter your face shape perfectly.

It's difficult to select the most current long hairstyles and bangs, from side bangs to choppy layered fringes, so here are some suggestions for how to style long hair with bangs.


Bangs on Long Hairstyles

By alternating long hair with side bangs, you gain the illusion of a nice cheekbone and jawline combo. The hairstyle offers many versatile quick fixes, including increased hair density and hiding a larger forehead.

Add some pretty bangs to the mix, and your eyes become the focal point. Plus, you can always change up your look with side bangs or ask your stylist to trim the fringe choppy for an edgy finish.

Long hair enhances short bangs and transforms the face. Sometimes, we just ignore our foreheads and highlight them just a bit. Thick long hair and eyebrows make short bangs look attractive. The hairdo even makes the forehead look smaller by concealing half of it.

Long curly hair with bangs can be stunning and sexy in any social setting. Wed go so far as to say that long natural curls just look fantastic no matter how you style them. This hairstyle softens the face and makes you appear brighter.

Side bangs with long curly locks complete the look of those who hide half their faces. People are drawn to the idea of a girl behind the hair. Asymmetric hair conceals most flaws.

Long straight hair is transformed from a flat, unruly appearance to a bangless one in the morning. Long hair works well with square-shaped faces by extending and sharpening the jawline. This effect requires little maintenance, and the transformation from no bangs to bangs immediately changes the entire face.

Natural, wavy hair makes for interesting, plump bangs, depending on the thickness of the hair. This hairstyle is great for many face shapes, but it's also pretty for a softer style.

Side bangs and wavy hair add definition to the overall appearance. Side bangs open the eyelids and draw attention to the nose and lips if desired. This soft, feminine style complements most people's red-carpet appearance.

Long bangs and long hair make your face appear longer and longer. It also highlights a sharp jawline and beautiful lips. Try on this vintage hairstyle.

Use your long hair in a natural direction to get simple side-swept bangs. This hairstyle frames the jawline, lifts the cheekbones, and enhances your features. Make your long hair a statement piece.

Embrace the Kardashians by getting parted bangs to beautify your face shape.

Short choppy bangs add drama to your appearance. Some people like to look professional and unassuming. Others like to be out of the ordinary.

With thick choppy bangs, make a bold statement even bolder. This hairstyle demonstrates that bravado is beautiful; it's also difficult to keep bangs even and at a certain length. Some women prefer a low-maintenance appearance, so they keep it uneven.

Long choppy bangs create an even more angular face shape, which is extremely easy to layer with long strands of hair. Bangs draw attention to the face, especially when worn over long lashes. Intense eyes with a pretty nose and lips work well with chic choppy bangs.

Angled bangs enhance features, making you appear more powerful and mysterious. Finish off the angled look with some lovely cat eyes. A side-swept, angled look never goes out of style, and you'll always appear stunning and fierce with them.

Long hair and triangle bangs go well with an angular, long haircut and draw attention to an equally stunning outfit. Triangle bangs start at the center of the scalp and pull forward, putting lots of hair at the front. Show off your self-confidence by choosing this daring style.

Get some thick bangs to hide a prominent forehead and highlight the eyes. They are a timeless, chic look. They are never out of style.

Thinner hair works well with thin bangs. This look complements long hair very well and complements your overall appearance. The hairstyle only requires a trim once in a while.

Long brown hair is soft and delicate, and when paired with bangs, this hairstyle gives your individual style a graceful finish. Bangs paired with long brown hair are professional and youthful, and you may add highlights for additional styling and contrast that will elevate this lovely appearance.

A darker color adds a sense of mystery. With some red lipstick and dark eyeliners, you'll achieve a dramatic appearance.

Long blonde hair with bangs is a great candidate for a permanent commitment to this universally hot appearance. A style this simple to achieve and low-maintenance. Long blonde hair is great with some stylish bangs.

Women kissed by fire love to flaunt their long, fiery red hair with bangs. When you trim bangs into your bright beautiful hair, it becomes an instant hit. From fiery copper to warm red to deep auburn colors, red hair is stunning, whether its natural or dyed.

Parted bangs work well with a symmetrical face or makeup. This style maintains the shape of the face without hiding anything. You can wear pristine clipped and parted bangs, or go for an uneven look. Your hairstyle is completely unique!

Long hair bangs can be tricky to maneuver, but fringe bangs are a versatile hairstyle that allows you to match any face shape. Fine hair bangs also easily shape the face, and straight thin hair sharpens features.

When paired with bangs, long thick hair gives you a few more options to add volume to your face. Bangs work well with thicker hair because they allow you to shape and style the hair perfectly. Girls can part their bangs in the middle, curl the fringe, or blend it with your other hairstyle.

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