45 Cute Prom Makeup Looks

45 Cute Prom Makeup Looks ...

All girls want to appear elegant and stunning on prom night. From your outfit to your makeup, it's important to keep your look professional. Some girls prefer bold and quirky makeup looks for a natural finish, while others prefer bold and creative styles that stand out.

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Natural Prom Makeup

If you choose to wear a more natural appearance to prom, you can still have a full face of makeup, but your style can be done in a way that emphasizes your features without covering them up. Natural prom makeup looks are understated, comfortable, and stunning, starting with and building thin layers until the desired amount of coverage is achieved.

For example, you can start with a tinted moisturizer and apply foundation over the base. Any contouring and highlighting should be done with a light touch, and both lip and eye colors should complement your skin or mouth coloring. Finish it off with mascara and gelled eyebrows and you're ready to rock your natural formal makeup. From prom to homecoming to school dances, this look will enhance your facial features without appearing fake.

Prom Makeover is a breeze.

A simple makeup look is ideal for prom night. Add neutral-toned eyeshadow taupe and peach are flattering for all eye colors, and then a touch of bronzer on your top lid. Add plenty of mascara, a matte lipstick, and falsies if you want to look glamorous.

Prom Makeup For Dark Skin

A bold, shimmery color palette is ideal for ladies with dark skin tones. Eye makeup is a must-have, especially when paired with brown or bronze eyeliners and large-volume fake lashes. Highlighter on your cheekbones, nose, and cheekbones will complete the look for a full face.

Smokey Eye Prom Makeup

A smokey eye is a popular night-out look. It does not have to be a traditional blue, brown, or black color scheme; you can enhance the color scheme with more contemporary hues, like rose gold, lilac, and metallic shadows.

Prom Makeup: Gold and Rose Gold

Gold and rose gold are two classic shades that can be combined in a chic and stylish manner. Use these metallic colors on the eyes, lip color, and blush, then layer with the rosy color in a halo shape over the crease for a dramatic effect. Next, a matte mauve or rose lipstick will enhance your eyes without putting you off.

Makeup for Pink Prom

At prom, wearing pink makes for an elegant and adorable fashion statement for the entire night. Whether you want pink makeup or need ways to highlight your pink outfit, there are a few feminine yet versatile suggestions to consider.

Be sure to vary your palette when it comes to pink prom makeup. For your eyes, use a light pink shimmer for your eyeshadow, then a darker pink for your lips. This will prevent 1980s pigment faux pas while also giving depth to your look.

Makeup for Asian Proms

Asian women should opt for a balanced look that highlights glowing skin and a bold and eye-catching lip. Apply mascara to all lashes, leaving the bottom one without eyeliner. Lipstick should be vibrant and make a statement.

Blue Eyes Prom Makeup

Blue-eyed beauties can take comfort in the fact that their prom makeup can be achieved with little effort for the big night ahead. Effective colors include bronze, rose-gold, and shades of brown. Each can be blended strategically, starting with a taupe base, then blended with an orange-bronze finish with dark brown smudged edges.

Green Eyes Prom Makeup

For green eyes to stand out in your prom look, go for a forest or emerald shade, while a thin black waterline and a simple mascara do the trick.

Brown and Hazel Eyes Prom Makeup

Other chocolatey shades are excellent for accenting brown and hazel eyes, from dark chocolate to a lighter taupe, and everything in between. Use black eyeliner to highlight your eyes.

Grey Eyes Prom Makeup

Gray eyes are stunning and versatile. Youll want to highlight your eyes using a smokey eyeshadow technique, blended with black and dark grey, and topped with plenty of eyeliner. False eyelashes should also be applied for extra volume and interest. The rest of your face should remain neutral and understated.

Prom Makeup For Black Dress

Is there anything as timeless as a little black dress? If your prom gown is dark, mysterious, dramatic, and flattering, it's wise to have a face that mirrors that aesthetic. Choose light and subtle eyeshadow and contour fronts, and let the subtle accents speak for themselves.

Navy Blue Dress Prom Makeup

Making bold and bold choices is to go above and beyond with your prom makeup, such as incorporating bright blue or navy color schemes into your outfit. Deep pigmented shadows, a dark brown and a hint of gold on the crease provide instant drama. Completed with a black-winged eyeliner

Pastel-Colored Dress Prom Makeup

A pastel dress deserves an equally soft and lovely makeup look in the spring prom season. Youll want to choose pigments and shades that naturally complement your facial features, such as at the tip of the nose, above the lip, and the inner corner of each eye. Peach-colored eyeshadow shimmer and light rose blush will continue this simple and feminine theme.

Green Dress Prom Makeup

The color green is in: your makeup should be an understated-yet-beautiful complement to such a bold color. The boldest part should be the eyes, followed by a pigmented and feathered brow. Follow up with a simple, clear lip gloss to complete the look.

Makeup for Red Dress Prom

A smoking-hot red dress calls for a prom makeup look that matches. Opt for a similar red lipstick and a more understated gold shimmer on your eyes. Both your outfit and your bold lip should complement your skin's coloring and undertone. Use thin black lines to shape your eyebrows.

Prom Makeup for White and Cream Dresses

A white and cream prom dress can be paired with a touch of shimmer to highlight your eyes and lips, and add dramatic eye liners and contour to a nighttime look.

Prom Makeup for a Purple and Burgundy Dress

With eyeshadow, choose a neutral taupe base, as well as a deep contour to complete your full-beat face.

Makeovers for Proms

  • Contouring is one way to elevate your everyday natural makeup look and use it for prom to highlight your best features.
  • A classically beautiful prom face incorporates a sharply winged eyeliner, a bold red lip, and a smokey shadow.
  • Choose hues and pigments that complement the color of your prom dress.
  • You can pop with either a bold lip or eye; its up to you to choose which to go with.

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