Semicolon Tattoos: 75 Meaningful Semicolon Tattoos

Semicolon Tattoos: 75 Meaningful Semicolon Tattoos ...

Semicolon tattoos are a recent trend, but in just a few short years, the semicolon has become one of the most popular tattoo ideas for women and men. These semicolon tattoos are small and simple, and they can be hidden virtually anywhere.

If you're interested in semicolon tattoo concepts or want to know what these simple yet powerful designs are all about, this guide can assist you.

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Tattoo Meaning of a Semicolon

The semicolon tattoo meaning is by far one of the most powerful and inspiring tattoo ideas for women and men. In the English language, the semicolon implies that the author could have ended the story or thought with a period and called it completed.

What does a semicolon tattoo mean? It's symbolic of the fact that there may have been a time when you considered ending your life, but you chose to persevere and keep going.

The semicolon is a small, yet powerful way of reminding yourself that your life and story isnt over. Ultimately, different semicolon tattoo ideas are essentially anti-depression and positive mental health tattoos.

Matthew Wills and Charlee Chandler began a campaign on April 16, 2013, asking people to paint semicolons on their wrists and share them online in solidarity for people who have mental health problems.

The response from women and men was overwhelming, and the idea of the permanent semicolon tattoo was born. Even today, April 16 is a year of celebration.

Semicolon Tattoo Ideas That Are Meaningful

The majority of semicolon tattoos you will see are representative of this date. They are tiny, simple, and black, and they are placed on the inside of the wrist. Since then, people have gotten creative with their semicolon tattoo ideas. Today, there are an infinite number of semicolon tattoo designs from which to choose.

Some of the greatest semicolon tattoos are the simplest ones that have been transformed into something more. For example, adding butterfly wings to either side of a semicolon can add new symbolism since butterflies represent transformation.

Some men and women have chosen to have larger semicolon tattoos on the backs of their necks or even behind the ears, while others have chosen to have individual colors.

Semicolons in rainbow colors may be appropriate for LGBTQ+ men and women who have experienced depression or attempted suicide due to bullying. However, rainbow or colorful styling does not have to have a deeper meaning. Most people simply choose to get their tattoos in their favorite colors.

Semicolon tattoos are often accompanied by quotes. Some of the best include My Story Isnt Over Yet, Trust Your Own True Mind, To Be Continued, Be Brave, and Live, She Is a Soldier in the War Against Herself, Fighter, and Alive.

Because of its super powerful and meaningful design, the semicolon heart tattoo is a particular favorite of women. It can be placed on the wrist, forearm, shoulder, back, or anywhere because it is small and simple.

The semicolon represents change and transformation. In a design, the butterfly and the semicolon are natural complements.

The semicolon cross tattoo can connect two very important parts of a persons life. The purpose of the tattoo is to enable Christian beliefs and God to give them the strength to continue living.

While the semicolon tattoo is ultimately a powerful mental health tattoo, there are many designs and concepts that may be considered anti-depression and pro mental health. It's all about discovering yourself and what resonates with you.

Semicolon tattoos may be beautiful and cute, despite their deep meaning. Be inventive and investigate possibilities to incorporate it into other beautiful designs.

The semicolon tattoo has a variety of variations. For women, the cat semicolon tattoo is an excellent choice.

Another alternative way to style your design is the semicolon dragonfly tattoo. This small and simple example can fit anywhere, and it does not draw too much attention.

The semicolon bird tattoo is imposing and lovely. When combined with other special words such as Choose To Keep Going or This Too Shall Pass, the design can be both sweet and touching.

The sun and moon semicolon tattoo is a lovely concept. The sun and moon design concept can be shared among best friends or sisters, where one receives a semicolon and moon, while the other gets the sun tattooed.

The semicolon and the infinity symbol make for a natural duo. Often found on the wrist or ankle, this combination strengthens your support system.

This semicolon feather tattoo might be perfect for your forearm. It's black and grey or colorful, and this detailed design is too cute.

A watercolor tattoo may be uplifting, which can be invaluable if you ever need to calm down depressing thoughts.

A flower tattoo may be used to represent beauty, potential, birth, love, goodness, friendship, and purity.

As you go through life, the semicolon compass tattoo is a great way to remind yourself to forge your own path.

This striking design is most commonly done with a semicolon tattoo on the wrist. If you want this powerful message to always be visible to you, then this is the correct decision.

If you want a small and simple design, the semicolon tattoo on the finger is a popular spot.

The Best Semicolon Tattoos

Check out the semicolon tattoo designs shown here. Some of them are simple and dainty, while others are bold, so there's sure to be something here to inspire you to create your own semicolon tattoo designs.

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