101 White Ink Tattoos for Kids

101 White Ink Tattoos for Kids ...

The white ink tattoo has been around for millennia, but it's a relatively recent advancement in terms of design and innovation that is catching on. It's the perfect color for women and men who want a subtle, yet artistic tattoo idea.

Learning more about white ink tattoos, the pigment used to create them, and what you can expect from your own white ink tattoos will help you make a better and more informed decision. Find out more about these white ink tattoo design ideas below.

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White Ink Tattoo Designs

White ink tattoo designs are made of a special type of ink that is not very visible in normal light, but really stands out under ultraviolet or black light. When in normal light, they are subtle and dainty, but when exposed to a UV light, they can be cute, playful, and stunning.

If your artist claims that the ink that he or she uses glows in the dark, be certain to clarify this.

If a product glows in the dark, it's likely to contain phosphorus. Although phosphorus is everywhere, ingesting it or having it injected into your skin can lead to illnesses like cancer.

White ink tattoos should only be given by experienced tattoo artists. They are far more difficult to see, which means the chance for error particularly among an apprentice artist is greater.

Fade of White Tattoo

White ink tattoos fade substantially faster than other colors.

The rate at which the ink fades will be much higher because they do not have the same hardy pigments that tend to lose their color slowly over time.

When your tattoo is brand new, you can wear long sleeves and sunscreen to protect it from the sun, and by practicing proper after-care.

White ink tattoo designs are quite varied. Many people opt to get white ink tattoos in much the same shape as henna tattoos in the workplace or at home. While white ink does look absolutely stunning in the sun, it is barely noticeable at the workplace.

While some people may be reluctant to go with a noticeable full sleeve tattoo ink, white ink may be more appropriate.

White Ink Tattoo Ideas: Best

White ink tattoos that are popular include dreamcatchers, floral designs, mandalas, heavenly bodies, feathers, and even quotes. The images below illustrate some of the best white ink tattoos on many areas of the body, including the hands, arms, feet, and other structures.

Feel free to use your own ideas to show your tattoo artist. Here are some of the finest white ink tattoos to explore.

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