101 Best Friend Tattoos for Matching

101 Best Friend Tattoos for Matching ...

Matching friend tattoos are a growing trend in recent years. While there are many ways to show the world how much your friends mean to you, matching friend tattoos may be a lovely and meaningful way to honor your friendship. Just like married couples wear wedding bands and mothers wear diamonds as babies, matching friendship tattoos are permanent proof that you and your partner have an everlasting connection.

Best friend tattoo ideas for you and your boyfriend are well-known for necklaces and charms that only complete when two or three pieces join together. However, thanks to the many adorable best friend designs available, it is possible to express your friendship in a more personal and meaningful way.

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Tattoo Ideas for Your Best Friend in the Cutest

If you have considered getting BFF tattoos but aren't sure where to begin, here are some of the coolest best friend tattoo designs that will inspire you. From large to tiny, there's something for everyone.

Best friend tattoos, also called friendship tattoos or matching tattoos, involve two (or three or more) people getting the same tattoo at the same time to signify their friendship. It may also involve an idea similar to the typical friendship necklace or bracelet where everyone has one piece of a tattoo. Examples of best friend symbols include hearts, a Claddagh, arrows, and yellow roses.

Tattoo Designs with a Difference

The pinky promise is one of the prettiest friend tattoo ideas. It has long been a symbiotic bond; entangling one's pinky finger with a friend is considered as the highest commitment among friends.

Best friend tattoos can be done in two ways: the first involves a best friend tattoo of two pinky fingers entwined, and the second involves tattooing the word Promise on the inside or outside of the pinky finger in a pretty script.

Tattoos for Friendship in the Small House

If you want to keep things simple, dainty, and understated, you may get matching best friend tattoos such as hearts, stars, or arrows (or just their outlines) at less-obvious locations like the back of your ankle, the inside of your wrist, or even above your own heart. While others may not notice them, the importance is still there.

In the last decade, quotes and other text-only tattoos have become particularly popular best friend symbols. You might choose to get a matching quote at the same place, or you may want to give each of you a different part.

To Infinity and Beyond is a powerful message that you may easily split. Some friends have even chosen to have their names tattooed on their wrists as lasting reminders.

Though a best friend tattoo does not require the same dedication as tattooing your spouse or partner's name on your body, the same thought process should apply. Things happen sometimes, and individuals go their separate ways, so be sure to consider how you would feel about your tattoo of choice in that situation.

Unique Best Friend Tattoos

Best friend tattoo designs can be anything at all, and that's part of the appeal. You and your best friend(s) may create something completely unique and decide how you want it to look.

Below, you will find some of the finest friendship tattoo design ideas on the internet, to inspire you and your friends to create the perfect tribute to each other.

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