The Top 30 Nail Polish Brands

The Top 30 Nail Polish Brands ...

Finding the right nail polish can be a tricky job when it comes to must-have beauty products. These nail polish brands use high-quality ingredients and have quick-dry formulas that are chip-resistant, long-lasting, and chic. All of these nail polish brands have created a collection of nail polishes that are exquisite, safe, and easy to wear, all of which will meet your mani and pedi needs.

Some women may want a premium nail polish for a professional finish, while others may prefer an economical option for at-home nail painting. There are so many top-rated nail polishes on the market, it can be a challenge to choose the ideal paint.

Weve compiled a list of the best nail polish brands, from Essie and OPI to Jinsoon and Cote, to help you discover cute colors and excellent products.

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Brands of nail polishes

Essie is one of the most popular nail polish brands in the world. The company is well-known for its extensive seasonal colors, innovative non-chip formula, and nail care products. Gel Couture is a popular choice for casual polish wearers and true beauty experts, while the Expressie line is suitable for busy moms.

OPI is an American nail polish brand that has been dazzling women for decades. Its fast-drying formula ensures that your digits are protected from pearlescent pinks, deep reds, and metallic hues in no time. Although the brand regularly releases new shades, the iconic Big Red Apple color remains a popular color.

JINsoon is a well-known nail polish company that is making waves in the beauty business with its vegan and cruelty-free formulations. JINsoon was established as a 10-free brand in 1989, focusing on long-wearing shades that were non-hazardous and non-hazardous.

Tenoverten started out as a shambles store but quickly expanded to encompass a wide range of hand, foot, and nail care products. Each one works to strengthen and support nails from the inside out.

Smith & Cult is a mid-range American nail polish company known for its elegant bottles and non-toxic formulations. The company believes strongly in self-expression and beauty, and their rich color palettes and gold-topped bottles are a testament to this mission statement.

Sally Hansen is an American nail polish company that has been selling reliable products since its founding in 1946. The company is renowned for their tough-wearing formulas, but women around the world continue to use them for general nail health purposes.

Cote is a female-led nail brand that believes in clean beauty and superior quality products for all. The company takes pride in its smooth and shiny 10-free formula that refuses to chip. This brand, which is recently regulated by the Counteract Coalition, believes in non-toxic products.

Dr. Remedy Nail Care is a podiatrist-formulated nail care product that emphasizes the use of natural ingredients for healthy and beautiful results. Each glossy color addresses dryness and fungus while looking stunning.

Chanel is a French luxury fashion company that has established an excellent reputation among beauty enthusiasts with its elegant nail polishes. Carefully blending colors that match their seasonal styles and staple pieces, you can rock the brands on-trend runway shades without breaking the bank. Each bottle is pricey but boasts an extremely durable formula with a high gloss finish. It's unsurprising that Chanel remains a leading player in the world of luxury nail polishes.

Olive & June is an internet-famous nail polish line that gives women a salon-worthy experience in the comfort of their own homes. The Poppy polish handle is a must-have beauty essential for a chic manicure at home.

Orly is a Los Angeles-based nail polish company that is constantly pushing boundaries with its innovative colors, textures, and award-winning treatments. Since launching the French manicure in 1975, this brand has always been one step ahead of its competitors. Every new product from this iconic brand uses a unique Gripper cap and Genius brush for effortless application.

LeChat is a pioneering brand that offers vivid pigments and a wide selection of shades. This stylish company is also praised for creating subtle and wearable shades like the delicate Pearl Martini and My Fair Lady pink.

Pear Nova is a beauty and cosmetics brand that offers many beautiful nail polishes for women who want vegan and 10free products. The company was founded by black entrepreneur Rachel James after she noticed the lack of polishes available for medium to dark skin. Using top-tier ingredients and sustainable manufacturing techniques, shoppers can expect to find 10-free polishes that are vegan, cruelty-free, and exquisitely complement dark skin.

Nailberry is a non-toxic nail polish brand that never compromises on quality. As the entire line is luxurious and 12-free, you can be assured that your nails will not be damaged when you wear them. Each color, created using innovative technology, reduces dryness, protects your nails from airborne pollutants, and allows your nails to breathe.

Sinful Colors is a low-cost nail polish company owned by Revlon, a cosmetics company that is well-known for regular releases and high-quality formulations, and has a lot of its influence from famous faces and fashion trends. Working with celebrities like Kylie Jenner, Vanessa Hudgens, and Bebe Rexha over the years, the company is constantly innovating.

China Glaze was founded in 1998 by Worldwide Cosmetics and has been making waves in the cosmetics industry with its long-lasting formulas, long-lasting durability, and salon-quality results. This innovative product line promises to remain chip-free for up to 14 days.

Deborah Lippman, a well-known celebrity nail artist, has created a name for her makeup and nail products that reflect her passion for music. New customers will love the deep red Its Raining Men and nude La Vie En Rose shades, as well as women who want a tough-wearing manicure.

Gellen is a well-known nail polish company that allows women to create beautiful gel manicures at their own pace. Along with its signature gel polish starter kit, the company stocks all items needed to create stunning nail art and extensions.

Christian Louboutin is best known for his red-soled shoes, but this French fashion designer is also well-known for his extensive nail polish collection. The high quality, impressive pigmentation, and subtle nudes make each polish worth the investment. Available in light pastel shades, a single swipe from Christian Louboutins stiletto-like bottle will make you feel instantly chic and put-together.

Nails Inc is a popular London nail polish company founded by Thea Green in 1999. Its premium formulations, trending shades, and ultra-quick application time have all boosted its popularity. The Power line is ideal for eco-conscious customers because of its vegan and plant-based formula.

Ella+Mila is one of the world's leading environmentally-friendly polish brands, which keeps everything from going chip-resistant. The company is a long way ahead of the competition when it comes to customer satisfaction.

Cirque Colors is well-known for its hypnotic metallic and holographic polishes. Despite being just a decade old, this innovative brand has become a leader in the nail industry, proudly displaying each shade on a wide spectrum of skin tones.

Maybelline is one of the most popular and affordable cosmetics brands, offering a long-lasting polish and a stunning color palette. Busy women will appreciate the Super Stay Gel line's 7-day chip-free promise, while bold fashionistas will appreciate the Color Show collection's high-shine appearance.

CoverGirl is an American cosmetics company that provides budget-friendly and long-lasting nail polishes for young women. The Outlast Stay Brilliant line is especially impressive because it offers vivid color with a single stroke that dries down to a gel-like finish. This youthful brand will keep your nails on trend.

Paintbox is a New York nail brand that has become synonymous with luxury and sophistication since its founding in 2014. This contemporary nail salon encourages women to utilize their digits as a vehicle for self-expression. From eye-catching glitter polishes to velvety nudes colors, this high-end company offers a wide range of quality items that exude glamour.

Sundays is an eco-friendly nail polish company that creates vibrant nail lacquers and strong base coats. Each ingredient is formulated with a vegan and non-toxic approach, making Sundays an excellent choice.

Orosa is a professional nail polish company based in the United States that produces high-quality, durable nail polishes for contemporary women. Their wide-bristle brushes hug the cuticle for a seamless application, while non-toxic polishes will enjoy the company's 14-free approach.

Mented Cosmetics is one of the most well-known black-owned beauty brands around, and has been designing outstanding nail polishes for women of color since 2016. The company is well-known for its iconic nude collection, which employs an Every Skin Tone approach. Offering three neutral shades that have been vigorously tested to flatter most skin tones, Mented Cosmetics remains one of the finest nail polish brands on the market when it comes to inclusivity.

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