The 40 Best Luxury Sneaker Brands

The 40 Best Luxury Sneaker Brands ...

Finding the right luxury sneakers for men can be a daunting task. These brands are well-known for their stylish designs, high-quality materials, superior construction, and a comfortable fit. While these high-end sneakers may be costly, these businesses combine form, function, and style to create timeless footwear that will elevate your outfit to the next level.

If you're looking for high-end footwear, there are a few designer sneakers brands to consider. Some men will want stylish leather sneakers in white, black, or brown for a cool and casual look, while others may prefer sporty tennis shoes that look great, feel comfortable, and provide support.

It's sometimes tricky to select the ideal expensive sneakers when youve got so many available on the market. Our list of top luxury sneakers brands ranges from Gucci and Berluti to Common Projects and Golden Goose. Explore these high-end shoe brands to find designer sneakers you'll love!

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Luxury Sneaker Brands

Common Projects is a American luxury footwear brand that specializes on simple and timeless designs for everyday wear. The founders believed that many high-end mens sneakers on the market are unwearable and therefore focused on achieving functional, stylish, and understated designs. Youll also be able to pick up mint green and bright blue options for a bold statement.

Maison Margiela is a French designer fashion label that produces unconventional handmade footwear for every occasion. The brand is best known for its signature low-top Tabi sneaker, which combines the traditional Japanese split-toe style with a flat sole for an eye-catching design that deserves a second look. The company is constantly looking to challenge traditional styles with glowing leathers, imperfect prints, and vibrant colors.

Golden Goose is a premium sneakers brand that combines high-tech innovation with superior comfort. The company's founders are Venetian lovebirds Francesca Rinaldo and Alessandro Gallo, who believe in individuality, creativity, and the power of imperfection. Their branding and most designs include heavy metallics, cracked leathers, and purposeful graffiti.

Off-White is an upscale fashion label that has become a cult classic since its inception in 2012. The founder believed that stylish footwear should be well-constructed, reasonably priced, and reflect whats trending among the younger generation when it comes to patterns and prints. Each boundary-breaking sneaker has tags and labels on display for everyone to see.

Berluti is a high-end leather manufacturer that creates stylish designer sneakers for guys who appreciate the finer things in life. They follow the labels original techniques and meticulous stitching throughout the range of products. Youll find high-quality leathers, hand-painted accents, and excellent craftsmanship throughout the range of Berluti products.

Prada is an Italian luxury fashion company that specializes on minimalist sneakers that complements vibrant outfits or corporate wear. This contemporary design is ideal for men who want a practical everyday shoe that can withstand any storm.

Gucci is a well-known fashion brand that specializes in stylish and high-end apparel, accessories, and footwear. The Ace Bee Sneakers are a popular item at the store, and they feature iconic motifs, high-quality stitching, and vibrant pops of color. Demetra is a bio-based, renewable material that supports Gucci's commitment to sustainable fashion.

Koio is an exclusive footwear brand that combines modern minimalism with contemporary design traditions and established Italian manufacturing methods. The Capri line is ideal for men who want simple shoes for everyday wear, but its the glamorous Primo high-top that will have all eyes on you.

Oliver Cabell has rapidly become one of the most well-known shoe brands on the market thanks to sustainable manufacturing processes and fair pricing across its product lines. While not expensive, the direct sales model removes the usual luxury markup without compromising on superior materials and craftsmanship. Their sneakers are made in Spain and feature ethical Italian leathers, durable Margon outsoles, for long-lasting, eco-conscious footwear.

Adidas, the world's largest athletic apparel company, has developed the Y-3 sneaker brand, which includes innovative design and interesting patterns. As a result, fans can expect to see everything from futuristic mesh designs to leather-based sneakers with sleek laces.

Christian Louboutin is a French fashion designer known for wearing distinctive red-soled shoes that exude form with function. Louboutin footwear is adorned with studs, metals, and unexpected textures. Every sneaker is carefully constructed in Italy using full-grain calfskin for a soft, comfortable feel.

Fear of God is a recognized independent American fashion label that has been developing cutting-edge sneakers for hip-hop and streetwear enthusiasts since its inception in 2013. All pieces are created from Jerry Lorenzo's inventive mind, resulting in cohesive collections that are sophisticated and beautifully constructed.

Vetements is a premium fashion company that specializes on bold, out-of-the-box footwear for men. Its bold paint-splattered running shoes, bold colorways, and bold, all-over branding have exploded in popularity since it was established in 2014. This is why these sneakers look like Converse footwear.

Balenciaga is a high-end fashion house from Spain known for its stylish sneakers and uncompromising dedication to quality. Over the years, the brand has established an impressive following with its outlandish designs that can be seen from miles away.

Lanvin is a French multinational designer brand with over 130 years of experience in the luxury apparel industry. Their extensive sneaker collection includes unusual styles and bold shades that will elevate your look.

Saint Laurent is an established luxury footwear company that has a reputation for being versatile and wearable. All designs are timeless and easy-to-style, with many comparing them to Vans and Air Jordans.

Versace is one of the world's most popular luxury fashion houses, offering bold silhouettes and elegant motifs for fashion-forward men. They try to stay ahead of current trends and blend influences from street style and haute couture to create unique pieces that are well-known.

Alexander McQueen is a high-end British fashion brand that is always challenging boundaries. These chunky, statement sneakers are made from premium calfskin and suede, and their wide color palette makes these sneakers easy to wear with workwear and statement prints.

Fendi is a premium leather goods company that has become well-known for its exquisite craftsmanship and striking designs. Mesh uppers and leather linings provide unrivalled comfort, and tough rubber soles ensure that every shoe will endure the test of time.

Tom Ford is an iconic fashion brand that combines contemporary design with modern comfort goods. The Cambridge lace-up shoe is a cool and simple design that is accented with the iconic zigzag stripe.

Valentino is one of the world's finest luxury fashion houses, and is rapidly becoming a popular choice for expensive sneakers. Made using calfskin leather with a sturdy rubber sole, these contrasting kicks will take you across the toughest terrain. For a lighter touch, consider a heavily branded sneaker; with designs on the tongue, sole, and sides, you can wear your shoes with confidence.

Givenchy is a French haute-couture brand that has single-handedly brought chunky sneakers back to life. The simple lace-ups are classic and ideal for everyday wear, but the more luxurious lines are stylish, futuristic, and eye-catching. Made from a combination of leather and strong rubber, the contrasts and high platform on these edgy sneakers will transform any outfit.

Brunello Cucinelli is a premium Italian fashion company that is passionate about ethical manufacturing and sustainability. The company is committed to using renewable energy and repairing goods whenever possible. Their super-soft, lightweight sneakers are never out of style.

Dolce & Gabbana is an iconic Italian fashion company that creates distinctive, statement footwear for modern men. They apply clear motifs and logos to each pair that will make you stand out. There are numerous black and white models, but it is the paneled and printed sneakers that set them apart.

Balmain is a well-known French luxury brand that developed these sneakers for men in 1945. The products are created to match their varied runway collections for each season, often featuring bold monogramming. From basic designs crafted from high-quality leathers to more innovative high-tops with suede accents and removable straps, you can turn heads with each step.

Visvim is a Japanese menswear company founded in 2001 by Hiroki Nakamura. This collection combines contemporary Japanese manufacturing standards with rustic influences inspired by international streetwear trends. Unlike the Americana era of the 1980s, each pair of Visvim sneakers represents a true fashion statement.

Ermenegildo Zegna is an extravagant Italian fashion house that specializes in high-performance, contemporary sneakers. With contemporary designs, this luxury brand recognizes the importance of traditional craftsmanship, beautiful leathers, and quality finishings. Performance athletes will delight in the Ultra Raptor Mountain trainer, which is an essential item at work.

Churchs is a stylish footwear company that sells comfortable oxfords, brogues, and sneakers for men. Each pair is meticulously crafted and takes around 8 weeks to produce.

Grenson is a well-known shoe brand that has been selling high-quality dress shoes and boots since 1866. It has capitalized on the sneaker market with several designs based on popular silhouettes. Each shoe is manufactured using the Goodyear Welted process, making them an excellent investment for anyone looking for durable shoes.

Rhude is a pioneering menswear brand that aims to enliven streetwear by balancing elegant manufacturing methods with unpredictability and excitement. Most items are heavily influenced by West-Coast culture, with relaxed fits, aged outsoles, and distressed canvases being found across all lines.

Officine Creative is a family-owned Italian footwear company that believes in individuality and expression above all else. Each pair of sneakers is handmade and aged using the Leather Time Machine, displaying distinct lines and wrinkles that reflect the human experience.

Ferragamo is one of the most popular high-end brands in the world, and has developed comfortable and stylish shoes for men since its conception in the 1920s. They are continually updated with new trends in mind, such as buffed calfskin leather, stunning metal trims, and tonal suedes for a luxurious finish.

Moncler is a French and Italian luxury fashion brand known for its high-quality skiwear and durable sneakers. As a result, each training shoe is engineered to perform well under pressure, with sturdy mesh uppers and rubberized soles. For those looking to expand their streetwear collection, the Promyx line will take your creativity to the next level.

Amiri is a high-end American apparel and footwear company that combines Californian street culture with the high-quality manufacturing standards of a traditional upscale brand. The company's founder was initially inspired by the LA rock and roll scene and believed that there was a market for contemporary luxury footwear that subverted fashion norms.

Hender Scheme, a Japanese fashionista, is well-known for its high-quality leather and timeless designs. The company first gained popularity by tanning existing footwear items like Nike's Air Force 1, but they have since expanded to create unique designs that sell out frequently.

Armando Cabral is a men's footwear and accessories company that combines high-quality craftsmanship with contemporary fashion. The shoes emphasize a sleek and timeless aesthetic without sacrificing comfort. This unique designer is one to watch.

Celine Homme is one of the finest leather goods companies in the world, having been founded in 1945. There are several low-lace-up sneakers available that complement casual elegance. High-top sneakers appeal to a younger crowd and feature metallic calfskin designs, vibrant colors, and graphic side trimmings, making it surprising that these sneakers are constantly selling.

Tods is well-known for its premium leather goods and luxurious footwear. These include technical sports shoes and debossed suede slip-ons that are light on the feet, as well as functional twill inserts and stretch knit which provide unparalleled support and flexibility. Made in Italy using premium leather and sturdy rubber, Tods guarantees a stylish silhouette.

John Lobb is a British luxury footwear retailer that opened its doors in Basingstoke in 1849. It's believed that shoes should be made to move, and they employ ultra-light soles and innovative fabrics to ensure that every step is effortless.

Designer Sneakers at their Finest

Common Projects, Koio, Saint Laurent, and Golden Goose provide high-quality sneakers that go with everything in your wardrobe. Balenciaga, Y-3, Hender Scheme, Fendi, and Christian Louboutin provide stylish mens sneakers with unique designs that will stand out.

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