The 27 Best Skateboard Brands

The 27 Best Skateboard Brands ...

Finding the right skateboard can be a daunting task when it comes to skating supplies. The greatest skateboard brands have engineered excellent products by producing quality decks in different shapes and sizes, as well as a wide variety of durable trucks, wheels, bearings, and accessories. These skate brands continue to innovate with modern technology, set industry standards, and offer the finest skateboards on the market.

There are several skateboard companies to consider, whether you're looking to purchase a high-quality custom board that you'll be willing to pay a premium, or simply want a complete product that runs well for an inexpensive price. Experienced skaters will want high-quality skateboards from professional brands that can be used to do tricks, while beginners will want a sturdy board from a well-known company that can use it to go around town.

Weve compiled a list of the most popular skateboard brands, from Antihero and Almost to Baker and Element, to help you select the correct item. Find a cool deck and quality components at the most popular skateboard companies.


The Best Skateboard Brands

Antihero is one of the best skateboard companies on the market and has been keeping the competition fierce since it was founded in 1995. Keeping customers at the forefront of their activities, this skating company believes that every skater should have a chance to succeed.

Almost is a professional skateboard company that was created by professional skaters Rodney Mullen and Daewon Song. Their boards are made from seven-ply, eight-ply, and carbon fiber, ensuring that their materials are of the highest quality.

Santa Cruz is one of the oldest and most well-known skateboard manufacturers in the world. Founded in 1973 by Richard Novak, Doug Haut, and Jay Shuirman, this company has been producing high-quality boards for decades. Using high-quality hardwood, youll find a wide variety of complete and custom boards that are stylish and offer smooth sliding.

Alien Workshop is a popular American skateboard brand that was founded in 1990 by founders Chris Carter, Mike Hill, and Neil Blender in Dayton, Ohio. This trustworthy company produces high-quality and unique products that skaters love.

Baker is a respected American skateboard manufacturer that has been rocking the industry since 2000. However, the high-quality artwork makes these boards worthwhile investments.

Element, an established skateboard designer, continues to develop high-quality skateboards for all levels of competition. The company's eco-friendly approach is admirable, but this name brand also caters to skaters who want custom boards. Small riders will appreciate the thinner Featherlight decks, while hardcore skaters will appreciate the durable Thriftwood range.

Toy Machine is a well-known skateboard brand that was founded by professional skateboarder Ed Templeton in 1993. Not only will you be able to acquire artistic decks from this prolific skating brand, but youll also be able to buy wheels, hardware, accessories, and apparel to complete your look.

Zero is a skate company based in California that creates distinctive goods for those who want to stand out from the crowd. In 1996, founder Jamie Thomas began designing decks with striking graphics. Now that the company has established its reputation, they demonstrate just how radical their gear is.

Girl is a skateboarding company that specializes in ensuring that performance meets structure and style. With their tongue-in-cheek graphics and the use of the ladies bathroom logo on their boards, they established themselves as an innovator. In addition, they offer a variety of other features, such as a deck that includes trucks, wheels, and bearings.

Flip is a well-known skateboard brand that first launched in the United Kingdom before moving to California to take advantage of the growing skate scene in the United States. The enhanced P2 models are manufactured with fiber fortification for ultimate durability. You can either make a custom board using this brands many deck designs or buy one of their ready-to-go packages.

Birdhouse, a skateboarding company founded by Tony Hawk and Per Welinder in 1992, is well-known internationally for their seven-ply maple board designs, which makes them one of the most popular skating brands. Names such as Ben Raybourn, Clint Walker, and Shawn Hale are among the artists represented in the group.

Creature has some of the finest skateboards on the market, all designed by Russ Pope, Jason Adams, Barket Barrett, and Darren Navarrette to represent the darker side of skateboarding. These cool decks and complete boards appeal to a wide range of guys and girls. With great t-shirts, sweaters, hats, and jackets available, you can show your appreciation for Creature on the streets.

Globe has been a recognized skateboard brand since its establishment in 1985. Angry about the lack of quality skating goods available in Australia and New Zealand, the Hills brothers decided to tackle the issue themselves. This brand has several options that will get you up and running in no time. Explore the brands many in-person offerings online or in person.

Plan B, based in San Diego, California, has been dominating the skateboard industry since 1991. Danny Way and Colin McKay took over the company after Mike Ternasky died in a tragic car accident in 1994. You may also purchase wheels and accessories to take your board to the next level.

Krooked is an award-winning skateboard manufacturer that credits its success to creative deck designs and stylish streetwear. The products are highly intelligent and are well-known for their dramatic concave shapes and wider nose structure.

Sector 9 is an iconic skating company that produces everything from top-quality decks and trucks to commuter, carving, cruise, freeride, and park skateboards. With seven-ply maple customizable commuter decks and complete boards available, this company produces all types of skating products. Beginners will appreciate the Lookout deck since it has plenty of moving space to help you find your feet. Shredders will enjoy the Ninety-Five street cruiser.

Powell Peralta is a great place to find unbreakable skateboards that are capable of long trips. With its innovative decks, wheels, and accessories, this is a skateboarding company that has remained relevant. With its distinctive pieces, you may match your outfit with items from their apparel collection.

Blind has established itself as a dominant brand in the skateboarding industry. Founded in 1988 by Mark Gonz Gonzales before the release of Krooked, this brand has remained a popular choice for professional skaters looking for decks that can stand up to any obstacle. Made from eight-ply maple wood, these boards have a steep concave for endurance.

Darkstar began its journey as a small skateboard wheel company, today it is one of the most successful skating companies in the world. This brand sells products online and in retail stores throughout the United States, striving to make skating enjoyable for everyone.

Enjoi is well-known for its skateboard decks, but this brand is also well-known for its high-quality apparel and accessories. Enjoi boards are instantly recognisable as they depict the famous black and white panda in different locations.

Habitat is a well-known skateboarding brand that was founded in 1999 by professional riders Chris Carter, Mike Hill, and Neil Blender. This brand is well-known for its exceptional construction and design work. However, this company does not imply that it is an eco-friendly product. For example, this brand offers performance wheels for a smooth riding experience.

In 1985, legendary skateboarders Rodney Smith, Eli Morgan Gessner, and Adam Schatz merged to form Zoo York, presenting a fresh, contemporary streetwear collection. The brand has overcome many ownership difficulties that have made it difficult to establish its identity.

DGK is one of the finest skateboard manufacturers out there, bringing with them a wide variety of styles and designs. Their boards are completely customizable, allowing you to express yourself with every visit to the skate park. Experienced skaters may want a board that is ready to go, but beginners may prefer a durable item.

Primitive is a skate and apparel company based in the United States that began its growth in 2008, with Andy Netkin, Jubal Jones, and Paul Rodriguez guiding them through the ranks of the best decks, wheels, and accessories.

Jart is well-known for its environmentally friendly manufacturing processes. All Jart boards are made in Europe using sustainable harvesting, making the boards as eco-friendly to the environment as they are to your pocket. With strong inner cores and concave designs for enhanced control, Jart skateboards can handle muddy trails and urban concrete with ease.

Welcome is a diverse and independent American skating brand that is sweeping the world by storm. The brand guarantees that its decks and accessories are expertly engineered, durable, and suitable for all skaters.

How To Select The Best Skateboards

A local skate shop is one of the best places to buy a new skateboard. Although it may be tempting to purchase your gear online, you'll miss out on the opportunity to help local businesses. You can spend time in-store to ask questions about the specifications of each board and discover the perfect fit for you.

When it comes to skateboards, you need to consider whether you want a complete or custom one. Complete boards are ready-made, whereas custom products require you to complete the components of the skateboard yourself. Beginners are ideal as they are simple and do not require extensive knowledge. However, more experienced skaters prefer customizing their own boards for a unique piece.

The size may not seem to be a major consideration when picking a skateboard, but getting the right length and width for your ride is critical. Beginners will want a deck that fits their frame, giving you more space to maneuver and provides greater control. Children should stick to boards that are around seven inches wide to keep their balance stable.

A skateboard's appearance and design are certainly attractive, but there's more to it than just looks. Longer wheelbases are helpful for experienced skaters, while shorter tails and longer tails make gripping your board simpler.

To select the correct truck for turning and grinding, you should always pay attention to your deck width. Perfect trucks will match your deck width and should never go too far out toward the edges of your board as a rule, high trucks are great for ramps and bowls, and mid trucks are the finest all-rounders for street skating.

Wheels are the most versatile tool available for experienced skaters. 92-95a wheels are recommended for intermediate skaters.

When thinking about your deck's shape, remember to consider different strokes for different people. Conventional boards are great for beginners because they do not require special foot placement, while longboards and cruisers are more suitable for flat terrain and street skating.

Grip tape is a skid bar that is secured to the top of your skateboard, providing you with a sandpaper-like grip that keeps your feet stable. It does fade over time, but should be replaced frequently. Choose black tape for a classic look or bright colors for your individual taste.

When looking for a skateboard, make sure you avoid discount shops. These stores tend to carry inexpensive boards that will break easily and require regular servicing. Most skaters prefer to purchase a high-quality skateboard from a reliable company for years.

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