Women's Behind the Ear Tattoos: 101 of the Best

Women's Behind the Ear Tattoos: 101 of the Best ...

Behind the ear tattoos have become a popular option in recent years. A cute and feminine tattoo that embodies the many things in your personal life is available. There are several wonderful ear tattoo ideas to discuss with your artist.

Some women will want a meaningful tattoo like a butterfly that represents transformation and existence, while others may prefer a minor tattoo like a rose or music note that looks cool and easy to conceal. It can be a challenge to choose the right tattoo to put behind your ears.

This collection of behind the ear tattoo designs has been compiled by us to inspire you with ideas. From the star to the cross, flower, and heart, browse these adorable back of the ear tattoo designs to find ideas youll like.

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Behind the Ear Tattoos

A flower tattoo is a timeless style that always looks elegant behind the ear. Rose tattoos are among the most popular tattoo designs for women, as they are delicate and delicate. Daisies and simpler blooms tend to provide less pain, while more adventurous women can add vines, leaves, or a pop of color.

Butterfly tattoos are still a popular design option for women who want meaningful artwork behind the ears. These designs can represent transformation, growth, beauty, and immortality, making these designs a versatile and popular choice. Use bold colors on the wings for maximum impact.

A statement star tattooed behind your ear will never go out of style. Some women tattoo stars to represent a guardian angel or guiding light in their lives. Others use them to express self-worth and ambition. Choose one star as the focal point and work your tattoo down for a simple and effective effect.

This subtle and edgy tattoo idea behind the ear will make any woman feel strong and independent. Scissors can also represent a person's personal transformation or a bad past, making this artwork a symbol of personal development and change.

Dragon tattoos are used by many women to commemorate their Zodiac birth year. Scales, wings, and dashes of red ink are all promising to elevate this design to the next level.

The most impactful word tattoos are often short and sweet. Feminine fonts highlight any word, while block capitals highlight emotions. You may also ink the name of a special person or pet in the space behind your ears.

The dove tattoo is often used by people who want to express their faith in peace, unity, and love. Featured in Noah's story, a perched dove may provide a sense of balance while an outstretched bird might be stunning.

Elephant tattoos are on the rise, displaying elegance from behind your ears. These tattoo designs are excellent for new mothers who are maternal and protective of their children. From cartoon designs to more realistic artwork, these majestic animals will not disappoint.

If you desire an understated and effortless tattoo design, consider getting a simple tattoo that has meaning. Tattoos behind the ear are naturally suitable with subtle artwork that may be concealed. If you are getting tattooed for the first time, you may want a simple outline or basic concept in all black. Keep your tattoo simple to avoid typography, as well as simple shapes and patterns that will distract from your artwork.

A small tattoo can be a great way to give you a unique and stunning tattoo behind the ears, where there may be very little room for a larger piece. Ask your artist about fantastic vertical designs to keep things simple. Examples include hearts, butterflies, stars, or Chinese symbols.

Anchor tattoos are one of the most popular designs for women who are determined, grounded, and enjoy the sea. Many long-distance couples get matching anchor tattoos to represent their ongoing commitment to each other across the oceans. These designs are charming and effortlessly cute when kept simple.

An angel tattoo is highly symbolic, ranging from spirituality and biblical figures to guardians, loved ones, and freedom. Angels are often used to honor loved ones, or as a guide during difficult times. Keep lines short and avoid overly graphic designs.

A dreamcatcher tattoo is a stunning design with a deep meaning, produced in cute and stylish ink. Dreamcatchers are well-known in Native American cultures and will certainly keep nightmares at bay when nestled behind your ear. At first glance, intricate designs can even masquerade as jewelry.

The feather tattoo is a versatile and motivating design that can be made as minimal or detailed as you desire. This art is ideal for adventurous travelers and free spirits, as well as those who work in a professional setting. A feather cuff can be inserted close to your ears for an almost invisible tattoo.

A heart tattoo is a cute and feminine design that works nicely behind the ear. It's also a traditional symbol of love and affection, and you may want to include colorful styling or grouped several pieces to make a collage. Heart tattoos are always classic.

Tribal tattoos are usually found on the torso or back, but they also look stunning behind the ears. These striking tattoos are common in Polynesian and Maori tribes, because they use strong lines and intense shading to make a statement.

A cross tattoo is a timeless design concept that allows you to invoke your Christian faith with simple religious art. This design can be used anywhere on your body, but also represents a commitment to goodness, morality, and personal growth. Small cross tattoos behind the ear are subdued and meaningful since the ink can instill confidence in your choices in life.

Tree tattoos can indicate longevity, wisdom, and strength, making these designs special for women who have gone through difficult times. Trees are held down by strong roots, which can serve as a reference for family or community. Most artists will recommend black ink with simple styling for a simple and impactful finish.

A moon tattoo is widely loved as a feminine tattoo design, regardless of whether you believe in its astrological significance or simply appreciate its stunning shape. Full moon tattoos can effectively represent new beginnings and balance.

Crown tattoos are a regal design that reflects wealth, ambition, and power, offering a stunning piece that will make any woman feel like a princess or queen. They can be colorful and detailed or black, outlined, and shaded.

You can keep someones initials close to your heart by tattooing them behind your ears. Initial tattoos are rarely complicated, but you may enhance your design with cursive letters or by incorporating your chosen initials into symbolic shapes. These tattoos are very personal, so make sure youve chosen them carefully before you make them.

Any true artist should have a music note tattoo placed behind the ear. This simple and artistic tattoo demonstrates that you appreciate music and appreciate its impact on the world. Quarter notes and treble clefs can be easily hidden along the ear.

Cover-up tattoos can be a necessary evil as you mature and change through life. Laser removal can be painful and concealing an old tattoo may be the correct decision. Small tattoos are easy to conceal, making it possible to conceal even the worst mistakes or memories. Youll need to work closely with your artist to achieve a darker and larger design that youll like.

For those who want to have their art displayed behind their ears or hair, under-ear tattoos can be a stylish and unique option. To keep things simple, try to avoid using too many elaborate designs. From trees, anchors and moons to butterflies, stars and flowers, the area under your ear can accommodate all of the best tattoo ideas.

Pain Behind the Ear Tattoo

Although it may hurt, behind the ear tattoos are pleasant, as long as you have the perfect ink to show off at your discretion. The degree of discomfort you suffer from will depend on your tolerance, health, and chosen placement, as well as the artist's skill level. An ear tattoo is one of the most painful parts of the body to get inked.

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