The 30 Best Men's Jacket Styles

The 30 Best Men's Jacket Styles ...

Jackets are an essential part of a mans wardrobe. A jacket is functional and provides warmth on chilly autumn or winter days, but the right style can also enhance your appearance. The finest jackets for men are equal parts stylish, versatile, and comfortable.

This chapter will teach you how to select and wear classic mens jacket styles suitable for special occasions. From casual jackets you can wear anywhere, like the bomber and denim trucker, to elegant classic coats like the topcoat and peacoat, there are plenty of great mens jacket styles to discover and own.

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Mens Jacket Styles

The blazer is by far the most essential men's jacket. From meetings to bars to vacations, there is nothing that a blazer cannot accomplish. They can also be worn with other separate items, like jeans, for a smart casual appearance. Try buying yourself a casual blazer to wear with other fall outfits to keep you looking sharp and warm.

The denim jacket has been a fashion staple for years and remains one of the coolest casual jackets to acquire. On cooler fall days, you can wear it just underneath a hoodie or toss it on when the temperatures start to drop. Try personalizing on with patches and embroidery.

Another classic, the leather jacket, has long been a go-to item for men who want to keep warm in the cold weather. Leather is naturally insulating and water-resistant, and it is ideal for layering over a zip-up jacket or a sweater. The best part about these jackets is that they will last longer.

Biker jackets are short-lived black leather jackets with zippers and studs that are preferred by motorcyclists due to their natural protective qualities. They usually have a large front zipper with wide lapels and often include a built-in belt around the waist.

The classic fleece jacket is a popular choice among outdoor enthusiasts, college students, and midtown businessmen. Available in quarter and half-zip styles, fleece jackets are great for maintaining a slim profile. With technological advancements in recent years, one fleece jacket may be all you need. Choose one that has function you like, whether it is color blocking or extra compartments to store things on the go.

The Harrington is a short jacket that has elastic cuffs on the wrists and waist that are ideal for those who need to be relatively active while looking sharp. This jacket is a popular choice for unpredictable weather, as it can be worn underneath a polo or ribbed sweater.

The bomber jacket is a modified Harrington jacket that has quickly become one of the most popular jackets for men to wear right now. What sets the bomber apart is that it is usually shorter in the sleeves and wider at the wrists. Today, bombers are a lightweight and stylish option for men looking to change their wardrobe.

Suede jackets are typically Harringtons or bombers that are made from leather with a napped finish. Oftentimes, these stylish men's jackets come in a deep tan or brown color for a timeless look. Suede jacket styles are cool and worth the extra effort.

The puffer jacket is another style staple that has been adopted by outdoor enthusiasts. From minimalist, packable outerwear that is preferred by backpackers to extra-puffed big jackets created popular by NYC rappers in the 1990s, these jackets are still popular.

The trucker jacket is one of the most famous American outfits, although there are some differences. A trucker jacket is a jacket that includes certain features, including the cropped length, the pointed collar, and the buttoned front.

The varsity jacket is a spin-off of the bomber jacket. These jackets have leather sleeves that contrast the boiled wool torso's colors, and they will keep you looking great long after your sports career finishes.

Coaches have developed their own style of jacket, which is recognizable due to their ubiquity among NFL coaches in the 1990s. These jackets have become popular off the field as well. For example, the NWA had matching branded coach jackets. They now serve as an excellent layer to keep your outfit from wind and rain.

The down vest is a versatile garment that can be extremely stylish. In the United Kingdom, these vests are also known as down gilets or bodywarmers, since they are ideal for wearing over your favorite button-down sweater in the fall.

The chore coat is another workwear item that dates back to the 19th century. They were typically constructed from tough fabrics like duck canvas or twill. Today, you can still find traditional styles made by Carhartt.

Field jackets are zip-front jackets with zip-front collars that snap around the neck to keep you protected from the elements. They are typically made from water-resistant materials and have at least four external pockets, with some inside as well. Some of Barbour's most famous field jackets are available for any price.

A parka is the ideal jacket for keeping warm. Windproof, insulated, long, and most often with a fur-lined hood, these jackets offer maximum protection from the hot, dead-of-winter weather. Choose a parka in a classic color like olive green or black and wear it with a sweater, jeans, or boots.

The pea coat was worn by sailors in 18th-century navies and is one garment that has not changed much with time. Modern pea coats maintain the same high quality wool construction, short length, and large collar as their predecessors, making it extremely weatherproof.

Overcoats are more formal coats that are worn over suit jackets or blazers. These coats are traditionally double-breasted and made of wool or other hard materials, and are light enough to wear over your outfit, and usually end around the knee.

Raincoats are often described as being long, comparable to an overcoat. Rain jackets tend to be shorter, reaching the waist in the rainy seasons. There are more casual options that are made from synthetic materials.

Technical outerwear is a collection of utilitarian apparel made from innovative materials. Many jacket manufacturers have borrowed the materials and materials from outerwear and created striking designs. These marriages have resulted in excellent garments that will keep you safe from the elements while you look at home in the city.

Classic Jackets

Nothing is quite as classic as a navy blazer. Try for something in a lighter shade of navy with no gold buttons or details to give it more versatility. Try it with olive chinos, boots, or sweaters for a classic fall look.

Waxed canvas is a durable material that helps you stay dry and warm throughout the day. The waxed canvas jacket is also durable, aging as well as fine wine. New American heritage brands like Flint and Tinder offer new approaches to the classic. Wear it with your favorite worn-in jeans to make your outfit appear like it was created specifically for you.

Captain America wore this jacket in the 40s and present day, and it sported perfectly in both eras. Choose a leather jacket that has been passed down by your dad or grandpa, or a new one to complete your semi-formal look.

Short Jackets

The denim trucker jacket is one of the most well-known Americana pieces. It's excellent for adding a stylish edge to your casual outfit without dominating the outfit. Denim jackets are now universal, so pick one that fits you. Wear it with grey chinos and jeans, or go all out and wear it with jeans.

The navy pea coat is great for casual, smart casual, and even business casual outfits. LL Bean and Brooks Brothers have worn traditional peacoats throughout stormy waters.

Long Jackets

The fishtail parka is another military heritage item that was pioneered by the military and commandeered by the general public. It is both functional and stylish. There are dozens of variations to suit your taste.

Caml wool is a popular menswear color since the 19th century. It's a timeless color that gives any outfit, whether it's a button-down or a suit, a stylish finish. Designer brands like Ralph Lauren sell camel topcoats that will cost you a lot of money.

Jackets that are trending

The bomber silhouette that WWII pilots created lives on today in stylish pieces available at all price points. Choose a olive bomber that has room in the sleeves and an elastic waistband for an easy fall look. Styles that have a matte finish and hold their shape well, such as those offered by Everlane, are appropriate to layer over an untucked button-down or polo with dark chinos.

Shearling jackets are made to look good but also feel better. They may be worn over a T-shirt for everyday looks. For a more refined look, try a leather shearling jacket in a chocolate brown.

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