A Guy Has 300 Questions To Answer

A Guy Has 300 Questions To Answer ...

Finding the right questions to ask a guy can be a difficult task. Whether you're going on a first date and want interesting thoughts to say or want humorous topics to spice up a relationship

Some people may want to ask personal and deep questions to really get to know a guy, while others may prefer sexier topics to keep things flirty and sexy. It's important to remember that starting a conversation with a guy you've fallen in love with should be straightforward.

Weve compiled a list of the best questions to ask a guy, from casual and personal to interesting and serious. Explore these topics to talk about with a guy you like to find questions that will help you get to know him and keep the conversation going.

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A Guy's Top 21 Questions

These are some of the best questions to ask a guy when it comes to ensuring an interesting and fresh conversation. Some topics are appropriate for a first date or online chat, while others can provide an introduction when talking to a friend you may have feelings for.

It might be awkward to ask a guy what he wants out of a girl. However, knowing what he values will allow you to see if you are compatible with what he wants out of his ideal partner. Whether it's personality or looks, knowing his taste will help you decide if a relationship is worthwhile.

Waiting to hear those magical three words for the first time can be worrying. Knowing where he stands with saying I love you should help you to keep your expectations early in the relationship. Some guys simply refuse to give up that all-important sentence because they are so confident.

With this key question, youll be able to see just how far you can push his kids. If your crush was berated for staying out ten minutes past curfew when he was simply stuck in downtown traffic, then you will realize that you are dealing with a classy parent.

This question should help a guy in explaining personality traits that are hidden beneath the surface. Perhaps he has an agitated resting face that makes people believe he's unfriendly, or perhaps people think he's a happy-go-lucky guy when he's an introvert.

Most men will admire those who have achieved greatness in some way or another. If hes inspired by a celebritys charitable work, then you may have a guy on your hands who wants to give back.

The best friend of a guy is his right-hand man. Learning more about his best friend will help you cry on during difficult times. Most successful relationships have a strong friendship at their core, so try and build a bond that lasts.

Make sure you understand what instantly turns a guy off! If you are trying to establish a relationship with a man, you will not get very far if you engage in behavior that he cant stand! However, if he hates when girls are on their phones during conversations, that can be easily remedied.

Keep the answer to this question in your back pocket to lift his mood immediately. Perhaps he likes long walks in the sunshine or prefers to leave the day to go to the movies. Whatever his answer is, it's a great tool for putting a smile on his face when the time comes.

Despite how silly his answer may be, it can be difficult to encourage guys to share secrets. Once they do, you may well become their top confidante.

When a guy is down, finding out what he likes the most about you can set you up for success in a relationship. If he loves your unwavering optimism or sense of humor, you may utilize these qualities to your advantage.

The three-word game always generates interesting answers and should give you an idea of how a man views himself. If he describes himself as intelligent or funny, be sure to praise him on these qualities later on. He'll surely appreciate the praise!

If you want to know more about a man's generosity and respect for women, ask him this question: If he went above and beyond to please a woman in the past, he's likely to do it again!

In the early stages of a romance, it can be difficult to talk about deal-breakers, but it is always best to know if you guys are a good match from the start to avoid disappointment later.

What a guy considers an unmissable life experience is the perfect opportunity to plan an incredible and meaningful vacation.

If youve just fallen in love with a guy, you may be able to stand up to their previous partners and become the girlfriend they've always wanted. Have they always wanted to have a lock at the Pont des Arts in Paris, or do they like to have a candlelit couples massage?

Were they the class clown or the classic, studious type? While learning about someone's childhood can reveal a lot about their work ethic, it also opens your conversation to humorous childhood tales.

Goal setting is often the indication of a successful and driven individual. Don't push this topic too hard, though. However, learning that they want to live abroad or get that all-important promotion can reveal a lot about what they believe in personally and professionally.

When you know what his favorite dish is, date night becomes a lot easier. You may even prepare a homemade meal with his most popular dishes. Just don't forget dessert!

When you make someone angry, it's never a good experience. Find out what makes a guy mad, whether it's because he's annoyed by slow walkers on narrow streets or simply hates being texted too much. It's best to avoid pressing his buttons if you can.

If your crush is keen to keep things casual, and you are looking to settle down, you may be incompatible. However, if your expectations align, you may be able to work in tandem to become the power couple that all people envy.

You should never breach someone's clear boundaries out of respect. He may dislike that you continue texting your ex. Just as girls may be irritated by their man frequenting strip clubs, he may loathe that you continue texting your ex.

Questions To Ask A Guy Are Good

These excellent questions can help you talk about topics that are universally relatable. Whether you want to keep your boy engaged and interested, or you want ideas that will naturally build rapport, there are many great questions to ask a guy that will bring you closer. Make sure you have the right timing and incorporate these questions into the conversation naturally.

Its always charming to know that a guy's favorite film is a literal tearjerker. Whether he likes the original Home Alone film or action-packed Marvel movies, talking about his favorite movie makes for an interesting conversation.

Not everyone is qualified to be an astronaut or film star. Although there are plenty of normal jobs that kids develop out of, learning that he wanted to be a professional hot dog eater is sure to give you two something to laugh about. If possible, ask why he gave up on these childhood career ambitions. It may help you learn more about his practical life.

Is he interested in visiting Australia's Great Barrier Reef or preferring an all-expenses-paid vacation to Las Vegas? His bucket list location should not only give you plenty of vacation planning time, but also highlight what makes him feel alive.

If your guy plans to savor his entire lottery earnings on gambling and booze, he might not be the most budget-conscious individual around. However, if he has a decent financial strategy for expanding his loot or hopes to give some of it back to his family, he is likely to be a responsible and forward-thinking individual.

If you're at the flirting stage with a guy, you can subtly ask him what he finds most attractive about a woman. Depending on his answer, you can play up the features that he prefers to get in his good books.

When it comes to ending a day, everyone has their own routines. If your he prefers an ice-cold beer with some quiet contemplation time, youll know to give him space after a stressful day.

What they value in a relationship, whether it's the endless support or the unreliable intimacy, is important to understand. Regular conversations about your expectations will keep your partnership healthy and flourishing.

There is no greater sin in keeping your significant other company on the next episode. Although watching ahead isnt a deal-breaker for most people, knowing that your guy will wait in anticipation for you to settle in is heartfelt.

Ask your guy what he dislikes about the dating game if you are comfortable enough. There are many wonderful advantages to getting to know a prospective partner, but only if you and your partner can break the rules and make dating a more enjoyable experience!

If you can pinpoint what makes your guy feel good about himself, you may obtain the perfect compliment when he needs it the most.

When it's appropriate, you may want to gently touch this area or highlight it when you're flirting.

If he mentions something particularly rude, this makes for a great conversation booster.

Once you meet your partner, make sure you understand your roles and boundaries. Be open to being critical if you disagree with his assessment of your responsibilities.

This is a conversation that will allow you to measure up. You do not have to enhance upon his wonderful experience, but the gesture he makes can reveal a lot about how others value him.

Be sure to allow him space to talk about the most impressive thing he has ever done. This will not only allow him to shine, but it will also illuminate who he is.

Perhaps he believes your charitable work reveals a lot about you, or your busy work schedule reflects a driven personality. The answer to this question is likely to vary, so be attentive.

We all have incredible stories that make us look amazing on paper. Although it is unlikely that he has saved someone from a burning structure, hearing his most impressive story or anecdote will leave you two with plenty to talk about.

Is it long hikes during the summer or a long session of video games that a man never gets bored of? It can be helpful to suggest that you participate in one of these activities together. He'll appreciate your willingness to be a part of his world.

Not everyone is head over heels in love with their job. He may be content with where he is, but if not, offer the encouragement that will encourage him to keep moving forward and find something he cant wait to wake up for every morning.

The answer to this question will assist you in determining whether or not he is a traditional beer drinker, a lover of Scotch whisky, or has a secret love for cocktails. Not only will knowing more about him help you understand his head, but it will make buying arrangements much simpler.

Questions To Ask A Guy Are Very Interesting

Ask interesting questions to show a guy that you're friendly and engaging to talk to, which will make you more attractive to him. When you want to add spice and keep the conversation fun, ask a guy these cool questions to expand his interests and interests.

Special abilities are always attractive, but it's the strange ones that can engulf us away! It may not be a useful or overly impressive talent, but it's an additional layer to his personality that you can uncover.

Youll learn more about the guy he loves and the people he admires, while you can find out if he is a compatible partner.

Talking up a guy's achievements is sure to make him feel incredible and will strengthen you both even more. When he is down, you can tell him of the time he helped his closest pal in their time of need.

When we are just trying to squeeze through life, it's difficult to find time to accomplish our wildest dreams. Give him a push, ask him what he'd like to accomplish soon. Give him a deadline and stick to it!

Your guy's choice will reveal a lot about their hobbies and interests. History enthusiasts may wish to learn more from famous figures, while struggling artists may seek advice from artists who defined a generation.

Nostalgia is a powerful emotion, so be prepared to share your favorites sweet treats that influenced your world back in the day. He is a well-known personality who enjoys popping candy and mysteriously flavored jellybeans!

Learn more about your boyfriend's most memorable vacation and his favorite activities. Be aware that what is acceptable to one guy might be objectionable to another. Be prepared for anything from a visit to Disney World to a train journey across continental Europe.

Our early memories may be fuzzi and unreliable, but some individuals have vivid recollection of their early years. It's possible that the memory represents an incredible or traumatic event. Keep your eyes on this page in case you're struggling.

Be prepared for belly laughs if he replies with something more meaningful or troubling. Be open to his energy and offer something equally challenging about being a woman.

There's nothing wrong with being financially motivated, but there's something beautiful about wanting love over money. If you're on the lookout for a hopeless romantic, then a man's answer should help you determine if you're in the position.

Everybody has that special corner coffee shop. Find out about his favorite local spots and invite him to visit them whenever you can.

Keep this conversation lighthearted and fun! However, remember that celebrity hall passes exist for a reason!

If he does not like the bedroom, take the time to inquire about his kinkiest turn-on that will brighten things up. Sexual compatibility is crucial to any good relationship, so be prepared to push your conversations and find out what he likes.

Is there a time when he apologized for poor work behavior or stood up for a stranger at the local coffee shop? Whatever it is, he's certain to be proud of his victory over negativity.

Asking what someone would desire if they could have anything in the world, you'll know a lot about their priorities. If he says he'd eradicate world hunger, strive for peace, and give the last wish to his family, you'll know you've got a stand-up guy on your hands.

Talking about your childhood experiences is a great way to break the ice. Your nostalgic conversation should lead nicely into talking about your experiences growing up and how they shaped you as individuals.

After a terrible breakup, you can both savor this song for days on end. However, he may have a song that speaks to his sensitive nature differently.

Barbados or Scotland's great lochs may be your ideal romantic paradise, but they may not be his style. Ask him what he finds romantic and try and make it happen.

Although some dangerous situations are completely voluntary, some guys have had terrifying experiences that make incredible stories. If he has been faced with real danger, please allow him to tell his story.

Even the most honest men have told them. Maybe he called in sick at work for a baseball game or told his mother that he loved her gift and is now saddled with an ugly Christmas sweater every year.

Sometimes taking risks can reap huge rewards. Let him reminisce about the time when he fought all odds to come out on top!

Questions To Ask A Guy That Are Funny

Funny questions can help break the ice and foster enjoyable conversations that will make him laugh and stay engaged. These fun and playful topics will also allow him to relax, become more involved in the conversation, and open up to you.

Perhaps he hates public speaking or simply cant get his head around ballroom dancing. Your answer is sure to surprise you! After all, not many people advertise their weaknesses actively.

He has likely seen some strange behavior around town. Recount your stories and have a good laugh about the strange, wonderful, and stupid creatures that live and breathe life.

Not all dates are success stories. If youre looking to spice up your dates together, ask about his weirdest stories. It will also help you know what behaviors to avoid on your dates!

It's important to know how a guy flirts as it allows you to see whether or not he's doing the things on you. If he mentions an ineffective move, don't be afraid to playfully tease him about it.

Ridiculous pick-up lines are always a great way to start a conversation. Although they are rarely effective, you can take turns offering terrible pick-up lines until you both beg for mercy.

Nothing brightens the mood quite like a funny story. Ask him to tell you the funnyst thing that he ever experienced. It's guaranteed to be a winner.

Recounting strange punishments that pushed him into shape or not is sure to elicit some laughs!

If he is interested in spirituality and reincarnation, please joke with him about his previous life. You may be able to connect the dots and become a believer.

Nothing lifts your spirits more than good belly laughs. If you discover who his favorite comedian is, you may schedule comedy date nights to discover his unique flair.

Being kicked out of an establishment can be frustrating, and there is usually a funny story that follows the event. Whether he was kicked out for being too drunk or simply tried too hard to pet a strangers dog, this question is sure to intrigue you.

Let him express his goofy side by requesting his finest corny joke. It's unlikely to be funny, but you'll most likely be able to offer at least a polite laugh in response!

Weve all heard the quote about an angel falling from heaven and wondered if it ever worked in the real world. Don't be afraid to put him on the spot and ask which of his cheesy lines has had the greatest success.

Although the answer is purely hypothetical, knowing how hed responds to a fight or flight scenario is always useful information to have. This question can also be educational and fun because it allows you to experiment with different ideas and situations.

Don't be afraid to joke out how far he's gone in the name of the game. If he's done something that's bordering on illegal, make sure to keep it to yourself!

Every day, a slew of fantastic curse words is thrown around. Though it is not recommended to scream your favorites out in public, having a quiet word about your most cathartic curse word can definitely break the ice.

Maybe he hadn't thought much about it, but some men are adamant about face-down or face-up hanging techniques. Pick his favorite direction and you'll never be an unwelcome house guest.

Not everyone believes in reincarnation. Asking what he would like to be in another life will certainly be interesting. He may wish to be free like the birds or wish to improve his own life with a second chance.

The answer to this question may get X-rated, and it can be a great introduction into a dirty conversation. It's always interesting to know what the opposite sex would do if they switched bodies for the day. Whether your guy would focus on the physical aspects or attempt to peek inside a woman's mind will reveal his priorities and thoughts.

Some things just aren't meant for us, no matter how hard we try. Whether its juggling or basketball, discovering what a guy is terrible at can make him human.

Questions To Ask A Guy About Personality

When you want to meet someone you like, you'll need to ask him personal questions that extend beyond just the surface. When talking personal stuff, you'll need to keep the room tidy, set the tone, avoid abrupt changing topics, and allow for a little back and forth while casually engaging your questions.

It may sound like you're looking for compliments, but discovering what people first notice about you can be both interesting and motivating. Whether it's your eyes, legs, or your sparkling personality, you'll get an interesting glimpse into how others perceive you.

If he is uncomfortable with PDA, you shouldn't be introducing kisses to him. Before you go out in public, check what he's comfortable with. If you're not sure, keep things private!

Find out more about his early life and how he developed. His funny stories from the previous day will sure to intrigue you on a deeper level and should provide further information about his family's lives.

Everyone has an enticing schoolyard tale, no matter how fantastic we were as children.

When youre trying to calm tension, knowing what lowers his pressure gauge is certain to come in handy. Every relationship must go through a storm at some point, so avoiding phrases or actions that make him angry will result in shorter arguments with less fallout.

Even the most successful individuals in the world have regrets. Discovering what he'd like to change from his past will reveal hidden layers to his personality that you might not have noticed at first glance. If possible, encourage him not to dwell too much on it because it shaped him into the wonderful person he is today.

Being betrayed by someone you care about is like a knife in the gut. Although he may not be keen to discuss this too much, learning about his greatest betrayal will help you avoid making the same mistakes in the future.

Depending on his love language, he may prefer to receive presents rather than give them. However, some guys like showering girls with presents. Ask this question gently to see what you can expect later on.

Depending on who is involved, porn can make or break a relationship. If his porn consumption is too intense for your liking, then be sure to establish boundaries to avoid confrontation or mistrust as your romance progresses.

Knowing what keeps him awake at night will allow you to be his guiding light and voice of reason. Often, all someone requires is encouragement to be able to deal with their biggest worries.

It's important to know what causes someone to lose his respect, whether it's a celebrity or someone close to him. Don't copy the actions of his top offender to avoid falling from his high respect.

Any partner may find meeting the parents a nerve-wracking experience. Asking when he believes it is appropriate to meet the parents will help you manage your expectations and prepare adequately for whatever occasion.

If you have a sexual relationship with a guy, it's worthwhile to investigate his desires and previous encounters. If he was enraged by his dirtiest experience, leave it off your bedroom bucket list.

You may or may not be comfortable with a guy contacting his ex depending on your relationship history. Either talk about it openly with your boyfriend or consider whether or not going forward together is in your best interest.

When a guy is stressed out, knowing what he loves about himself can be helpful. Complmenting his best physical attributes will not only give him a much-needed boost, but will help you identify which areas to focus on during foreplay.

Ghosting is quite a commonplace in today's dating apps and blind dates. Although this may seem difficult to answer, it's worth knowing if your ideal partner will suddenly vanish.

Oversharing is a common tendency among men who tell his family members every single detail of his life. You may use his answer to help you understand his boundaries and gain valuable insight.

Although he may respond somewhat sheepishly, it's always fun to tease a guy about dating his friends ex. Be aware that this is usually against the unwritten guy code, and it might expose holes in his moral compass if he has done this.

Every relationship must fall apart for you to meet the one. To avoid experiencing the same issues as his ex, be sure to check in to see what he tends to take for granted in his partners.

It's difficult to have productive conversations with someone who is offended by everything you say. To avoid breaking the bank, it's helpful to know how often your partner takes things to heart.

Finding out what soothes a guy will help you brighten his dark days, whether it's warm hot chocolate or a Netflix marathon.

Men have attractive qualities such as courage and risk-taking, so talk about a time when he decided to shoot his shot. It may be that he discovered something new about his previous job, met his best friend, or decided to come up and talk to you!

If your guy loves to dance to Britney's Greatest Hits on a Saturday night, then you should know about it from the start. If you have a guilty pleasure, then it's a great idea to indulge it as a couple.

Daydreams aren't necessarily about the inner workings of our heads, but they tend to nod to our hopes, hopes, and dreams. If a guy can openly discuss his daydreams without embarrassment, you'll know you're one of his more trusted companions.

This doesnt have to be a relationship, it can be anything from missing a curfew to taking a few bottles from a liquor store. It should tell you if youre dealing with a bad guy or a veritable good guy.

A Guy Should Have These Deep Questions

Deep questions can help take your relationship to the next level, allowing you to discover the guy you're interested in. These serious topics should only be reserved for conversations with individuals you're interested in, who may consider dating long-term or actual boyfriends. With the appropriate environment and mood, these deep questions will strengthen your connection.

The world can be a frightening place, so why not get to know more about what gives him the creeps? Use this as an opportunity to talk about your worries too. Maybe you have more in common than you realize.

The person he loves the most in life, whether it's a close family member or a celebrity, is a name you'll want to remember.

It's unlikely that a guy who works in the medical field was settled early on in his career path. Many people choose careers that fit their strongest attributes, so this is a useful question to ask any high-flying guy.

He may not be able to alleviate world hunger, but may believe that attending protests and working hard on recycling is enough to make a difference.

For those who arent part of a strong family unit, navigating family dynamics can be difficult. Learning what hed like to change about his family will help you plan your future for success.

If your guy has expressed an interest in parenting, then ask him this hypothetical question. Would he be gentle or strict? It's important to know who'll be playing good and bad cop down the line!

If you agree with his ideas strongly, youll want to do so from the start. If you disagree strongly with his opinions, you may not be compatible.

Although it may come as a surprise, some of the best relationships are successful when the partners are total opposites. Even if you rip with the punches and he sticks rigidly to his day planner, you may well balance each other out perfectly.

Would he choose to assassinate Hitler or save Abraham Lincoln from his fate? Feel free to inquire further if he has any specific answers. He may have experienced a trauma that he would rather forget about.

Whether it's a touching film or a traumatic event that set him off, some men are afraid to reveal their sensitive side, but most women appreciate a guy who's willing to cry. Be sure to convey to him that you appreciate his reaction.

Motivation is an essential component of a man's ability to succeed. Youll want to know what motivates him to excel, what he is attempting to accomplish in his life, and how he intends to help others. Understanding the things that motivate him will help you determine where he wants to go in life.

Breakups are normal, but there may be a particular ex that split his heart into a million pieces. If he was unfortunate in love, work to rebuild his trust with plenty of encouragement and positive affirmations.

This is always a sensitive topic of conversation, so it's important to approach it with a guy you're familiar with. Be patient and compassionate if he wants to talk about the person he's lost.

This question will reveal a guy's priorities and bucket list. If he wants to see every person he loves, then you're likely dealing with a sensitive and caring person. If he prefers to visit his favorite vacation spot, he's more likely to value culture and experience.

Not everyone leaves an incredible legacy, but that doesnt mean he doesnt want to be remembered after he passes. Some people want to have an amazing family, be a part of a community, do good in the world and live a happy life, while others want to be recognized for their professional achievements.

Do you ever wonder how you come across to others? If so, look up what physical features and personality traits best describe you. It may surprise you to know that you have twinkling eyes and a killer laugh.

He may not feel love the same way you do, so be ready to open your heart and mind to a fresh perspective.

Passion and drive are two of the most appealing qualities, and it is always worthwhile to inquire what makes someone tick. If you have similar goals, then you are in a great position to move forward.

Everyone has bad habits, but not having the time to correct them can be a problem for many. Asking about him and sharing your own will help you build better yourself one step at a time.

This will give you a better insight into his past, as well as a good look into what led him to be the person he is today.

Everyone is different, so pay attention to his answer so you can tell when he is starting to fall hard.

A Guy Can Ask Random Questions

These random questions can be used by anyone to keep the conversation going spicy and interesting. If there's ever a slump in the conversation or you just need something light to talk about, these random thoughts might be the ideal solution.

Always remember to include your celebrity crush in your movies and commercials whenever you see them. He may be irritated at first, but remind him it's all in jest!

Despite being a collection of things we wish to accomplish before we die, some bucket list items are improbable. If you feel it can be accomplished, encourage him to keep pushing to make it happen.

We all tweak our resumes in order to land great positions. Perhaps he has noticed that he has acrobatic abilities or slightly changed his last job title. As long as hes not significantly altering his employment history, you can both have a good laugh about this one.

If he has a comfort program, then you should definitely check it out. Hell appreciate the effort and relish the opportunity to discuss your thoughts on every aspect of the program.

Some guys like the buzz of a club, while others like the peaceful, uncomplicated solitude of the Great Outdoors. This one is going to make you feel at ease, as there's nothing worse than being dragged to a busy club when you're not feeling it.

Not all guys will answer this honestly, but knowing about their bullying past can reveal a lot about why they have grown into the person they are today. Previously bullied individuals can be both rude and defensive, so knowing more about their past can help you better understand a mans reaction to certain situations.

Is he willing to spend time with Queen in their prime, or would he rather go see an Ariana Grande concert? This will give you an insight into what he loves to rock out to.

If you're someone who requires their time in the bathroom, you'll want to make sure your prospective boyfriend isnt monopolizing the restroom. Over time could indicate that he's a lot of work.

If youre not overly attached to a place, you can make a joint decision to cross his least favorite place off your list of places to visit.

When you ask this question, be cautious, as it may become very introverted. If you notice a guy being withdrawn and quiet, offer to assist him in achieving a better place in his life. If he is completely content, then take notes!

If you disagree with it, knowing whether a guy got spanked as a kid may reveal a lot about his guarded personality and aversion to physical touch. Spanking isnt always a sign of poor parenting, but it is worthwhile to ask whether he believes it's an appropriate disciplinary measure for kids.

We are not all capable of making lasting changes in the world, so it's always interesting to know how a man would respond to having ultimate authority over others. Would he use his influence for good or choose to be controlling and overbearing?

It's a great idea to find out what his favorite store is right now. Not only will this be helpful for gift ideas later, but you can also go on a fun shopping date afterwards.

It's important to know how hard you'll have to work to knock down his walls. As a rule, some people trust more readily than others. Therefore, be patient with him if he admits that he may take a long time to trust you.

Finding out what changed a guy's mind about something, whether it's karaoke or electric scooters, is always fun. Why not challenge him and try it out together? You may discover a new hobby!

Ask A Guy These Weird Questions

Try to ask these unconventional questions if you want to develop interesting and unique topic ideas that work. Most men don't like to hear the same things over and over again. Use these unusual conversation starters and topics to get him moving.

With each decade comes new games or activities. However, not every new game or activity beats its predecessor. Find out what he believes has been ruined for kids today and spend time reminiscing about the good old days!

Allow him to demonstrate his incredible game tactics by talking about his incredible board games skills. He's sure to teach you a thing or two about how to thrash the competition.

Dreams are often a reflection of our subconscious minds and can reveal a lot about our hopes and dreams. Although they aren't always relevant, discovering who he is might lead to a discussion about his deeper, more hidden desires.

How your guy spent his time at school can inform his interests, personality, and social presence. If he was timid and reserved but is now bold and adventurous, ask him how he transformed. Some guys may have been outgoing kids until a serious event changed their lives.

Sentimental items do not have to be beautiful to be appreciated. If you learn that he still sleeps with a teddy bear when he was born, it's a sign that he appreciates sentimentality and meaningful gifts.

Although wed all like to sit in First Class, this is a pipe dream for most people. However, that doesnt mean that you cant find out about your partner's seat preference! If you prefer to sit by the window, youll excel with a dedicated aisle or middle-seat lover.

It's always beneficial to ask how they'd like to spend their final years of retirement. Perhaps they'd like to spend their days on the sea or abroad. If you have similar views, your relationship will have incredible longevity.

When the world becomes too big, it's nice to have a safe haven to escape to. He may not be able to answer you directly if he's a private person. However, if he does, you'll know that he trusts you with both his privacy and safety.

Although game nights do not always end with flipped boards in displeasure, some games just make people sick. Does his family get too aggressive with Monopoly or Scrabble? Whatever his answer, be sure to remove it from your list of board games to play together.

Restaurant horror stories can be frustrating at the time, but they are funny in retrospect. Whether it's because he was repeatedly declined on a first date, or because he had a pleasant waitress, you can swap stories until you're crying with laughter.

Everybody has different tastes, so it's worthwhile to see whether or not your favorite activity is a total waste of time. If you both agree on a boring activity, have some fun blasting it to pieces. Of course, keep it lighthearted!

Many of us forget how lucky we are. Why not ask your guy this fascinating question in exchange for his perspective on the world. It'll likely provide you some valuable information on his current situation in life.

On a lazy Sunday, eating a bowl of Captain Crunch is a wonderful pleasure. To relive childhood joy, try to remember what cereals used to get you both up early in the morning!

The most valuable advice from mom and dad is often the most helpful. If your child has strong family values or respects his parents, then this may give you an insight into his parenting and kids.

Whatever it is, his answer to this question is likely to catch you off guard! Be sure to notify him of any significant triggers or worries before he answers. It's against your will to unintentionally recreate something from your past.

Questions To Ask A Guy That Are Ridiculous

It can be a challenge to pick the right flirty questions to ask when it comes to sexting someone or having a NSFW chat. These juicy topics will keep him engaged and begging you to keep talking.

Questions To Ask A Guy About Sexuality

These dirty questions to ask will turn him on instantly when it comes to nasty topic ideas that will engulf his thoughts. These are great ways to take your conversation to the next level and demonstrate that you are serious about him.

To Ask A Guy, Here Are Some Conversation Starters

These conversation starters can be used with a guy to provoke debate and prevent awkward silences. Open-ended questions and fun topics can help you learn more about him naturally throughout the night, making a great first impression.

To Get To Know A Guy, Here Are Some Questions To Ask Him

Asking the right questions can help you get to know a guy. While some guys are quiet and quiet, others are open-minded and may express interest early on.

Questions To Ask A Guy About Text

If you're looking for a meaningful conversation but don't know what questions to ask a guy over text, these topics can help you stay up late to chat and start a new friendship. Most guys and girls will text each other before going on a first date, especially if they're starting to like one another.

Unique Questions To Ask A Guy

These unique questions to ask a guy will spark new stories and topic ideas. They can help you connect on a different level and get to know different parts of him.

A Guy Can Answer These Simple Questions

These simple questions to ask a guy can help you discover who you are and form a stronger bond when you're starting a new relationship.

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