How To Wear A Cardigan

How To Wear A Cardigan ...

The cardigan is a timeless mens fashion item that is versatile and classy, allowing men to wear a wide range of outfits for work or a casually chic look with a trendy shirt, chino pants, and sneakers.

There are many ways to outfit a cardigan, whether it's for a casual outing around town or a shawl collar during the fall and winter. Some men will pair a cardigan with a shirt and jeans for a casual look, while others may wear it with a button-up shirt and dress pants for a business casual outfit.

It can be a challenge to choose what to wear over, under, and with your cardigan sweater for a cool and refined ensemble. Browse these cardigan outfits for men to discover cool styles youll love.

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What Is A Cardigan?

Cardigans are versatile and classy wardrobe essentials for men, providing an outer layer you can wear with style in the fall and winter. This mens sweater can be comfortable and easy to wear for a casual look or dressed up with smart attire for a stylish outfit.

Cardigans are a wardrobe staple since the 1920s, coming in many different colors, fabrics, and styles to complement every guys' styles. Long cardigan styles are good casual streetwear attire, while advanced men may opt for a luxurious cable knit sweater to wear under a button-up shirt.

Men can experiment with different styles and cuts to create different looks. To pick the perfect cardigan for the occasion, it is important to choose the appropriate shirt, pants, and shoes.

Cardigan Types

A long cardigan is effortless and flattering, extending down to your mid-thigh or all the way to your ankles. Men typically wear this knitwear open for a stylish contrast. Try wearing them with fitted jeans or a scoop neck cotton shirt.

Guys may elongate themselves by wearing a dark monochrome base, such as black skinny jeans and a long cotton t-shirt under a brightly-colored longline cardigan. This relaxed outerwear comes in various weaves and lightweight fabrics, making it the most versatile cardigan for summer, fall, and spring.

A shawl cardigan includes a robust stole collar that drapes over the back of the neck and inner shoulders, forming a cool built-in scarf. This collared sweater is usually made of higher-quality fabrics, providing warmth on cold winter days and a well-structured finish to any outfit.

A black shawl cardigan with trousers and a fitted black t-shirt are ideal for a cool casual outfit. Field watches and oxford shirts go together beautifully.

The button-up cardigan is a popular style that will make your outfit appear more sophisticated and put-together. When properly dressed, this versatile garment can enhance your appearance. Guys should choose a simple, fitted cardigan to match their body type.

For a classy appearance, you may want to wear a collared or buttoned shirt underneath your sweater. A silk-cashmere blended cardigan can give your outfit an approachable appearance while still maintaining the suit's formal, powerful, and masculine appearance. Modern men can experiment with different materials, blends, and colors for the perfect finish.

A chunky knit cardigan works wonderfully when you want to keep warm while still looking casual. Whether it's for a date or hanging out with friends, different knits can complement mens outfits in different ways. Ribbed and fisherman-knit sweaters are classic styles that can be worn with trousers, chinos, and jeans.

A chunky marled cotton cardigan is the perfect accompaniment to a streetwear-inspired outfit, along with stylish pants and nice shoes. This natural look will give you a sense of sophistication and sophistication. Choose a knitted sweater in a neutral color like black, gray, or navy blue.

The black cardigan is one of the most versatile colors available. It can be dressed up or down with a sharp outfit to achieve the desired look. Guys may wear a black long cardigan with skinny jeans and a shirt for an effortless off-the-runway look.

Modern men should consider black cardigans a viable wardrobe addition.

The navy blue cardigan is a classic black sweater that works well with any semi-formal outfit.

This piece complements your business casual outfit by wearing a black blazer or polo shirt. Styled with khaki pants and leather boat shoes, your blue knitwear will create a nicer casual outfit. Ideal for weekend meetings, date night dinners, and sophisticated cocktail parties

The grey cardigan is an understated and elegant option for guys who want to complete their casual or semi-formal outfit without being loud about it. They work well with most mens styles, including statement items such as patterned pants, Mandarin collars, and large watches.

A simple, quality-knit grey cardigan with fitted trousers and an Oxford shirt is a sexy gentlemans outfit worth putting together. Grey is a wardrobe essential that allows you to experiment with different fabrics, patterns, and designs. For example, a grey four-bar Milano stitch is the perfect marriage of hipster and classic.

The tan cardigan is a great way to achieve a strong and rustic appearance or to accent professional and smart outfits. tan is a distinctive color that goes well with structured apparel like work boots, tweed suits, leather-strapped pilot watches, and utility jackets.

Wear a tan cardigan in earth tones like forest green and amber or light shades such as Air Force blue and cream for an aristocratic countryside feel.

Mens Cardigan Outfits

For a casual lunch date, wear a long cardigan with fitted jeans and stylish footwear.

A scoop neck slub shirt with leather boots can be worn for a laidback vibe, or a henley shirt with trainers. On colder winter days, wear an infinity scarf to match the draped-on look of the longline.

For a more polished weekend outfit, pair a fitted marled cardigan with grey chinos and a crew neck t-shirt. You can wear the cardigan open with low-profile dress sneakers. For a smart casual look, keep the bottom and top buttons unglued, and wear dress shoes with no-show socks.

When paired with a button-up shirt and dark denim jeans or dressy pants, a cardigan can be the ideal way to complete your business casual ensemble. If youre meeting colleagues at the bar for a happy hour, replace your suit jacket with a simple cardigan for a professional look.

Guys who wear an Oxford or button-down shirt can even remove their tie. Wear horsebit loafers for a worldly and dapper touch or traditional Derby shoes for a sharper finish.

Wear a shawl collar cardigan with a spread collar shirt, subtly-patterned tweed trousers, and brown leather dress sneakers for a modern and trendy outfit.

The cardigan can be worn in semi-formal and smart casual outfits, but men must choose well-structured styles. For an enhanced look, youll need high-quality materials like high-count micron cashmere, mulberry silk, silk blends, and Pima cotton.

Combining your cardigan with a luxury button-up shirt, tailored trousers, and full-grain leather dress shoes is a smart move. Guys should choose neutral colors during the autumn and winter months, as well as faded pastels during the spring and summer.

Wearing leather-strapped dress watches with black, white, and brown cardigans would complete a semi-formal appearance. Swiss stainless steel sports watches look elegant when worn with champagne, light pastel, and cable-knit designs.

What To Wear With A Cardigan

When it comes to putting together a casual or smart casual outfit, a cardigan with a t-shirt or Oxford shirt is the most popular. However, modern gentleman have discovered that the cardigan works well with a variety of shirt styles.

A crew-neck t-shirt and a slim cardigan are perfectly acceptable for a sleek and clean silhouette. Men can complete this look with any style of pants, including jeans and chino pants. Long cardigans will provide a compelling contrast when worn underneath for a brunch or a day at the park.

V-neck shirts are eye-catching and hip, especially if you're skinny and muscular. Slub cotton shirts and marled cardigans are excellent choices with similar organic-looking textures. When worn with an open chunky knit cardigan, v-neck shirts create a stylish contrast.

A simple button-down shawl collar or cable-knit cardigan should be worn for an informal Ivy League vibe. For a more casual look, wear a Milano stitch cardigan and low-profile dress sneakers.

With a collared button-down shirt, most cardigans look classy and naturally stylish. Spread and semi-spread collars complement a full-buttoned cardigan and a tie, while standard collars can be worn more casually.

You'll want your cardigan and jeans to complement your desired appearance. From casual to smart casual, you can wear a button-down shirt, tie, and dressy shoes, or keep it simple with light blue jeans and a t-shirt.

Wear a long cardigan with a relaxed t-shirt and fitted blue jeans for a stylish look. High-end fabrics and constructions like Pima cotton work best when worn with slim-fit selvedge jeans in darker colors and raw washes.

You can wear dress shoes, boots, or even dressy sneakers to style the perfect outfit. As long as you stick to clean-lined fits, you can try different washes and shades of jeans with most cardigan styles.

Chino pants are more casual than dress pants, but lighter than jeans, making them a great casual choice for guys. From summer events to lounges and bars, it's easy to wear a cardigan with this pant style for a great clean-cut look.

Wear black, navy, or khaki chinos with an Oxford dress shirt, a fitted button-down or shawl cardigan, and leather boots for a casually stylish outfit.

A dress shirt is an excellent addition to your cardigan to elevate your look. This is especially important if you plan to wear this pair at work or for a formal event. There are many great techniques to pull off this style.

In the winter, a chunky shawl is a practical and stylish option, but make sure you wear it with a classic collared dress shirt or a club collar. Because cardigan tops are longer and are meant to be worn over your pants, youll need to keep it simple and outfitted with the appropriate belt.

A white dress shirt coordinates well with all types of cardigans, while a light blue button-down with a tie pairs perfectly with a blue or navy outfit. You can finish this dashing look with loafers or dress shoes and a leather belt.

When you need a formal outfit, you can wear a cardigan with a suit in lieu of a more formal vest. A quality fabric blend should be chosen to complement the suit's color. Dark navy, grey, maroon, steel blue, and dark forest green are expressive, yet professional.

Combine a thin, high-collar cable-knit cardigan with a navy outfit with gold buttons, a club tie, and brown Oxford shoes for a classic look. It isnt always appropriate in the modern boardroom.

What To Wear Under A Cardigan

What you wear underneath your cardigan can make all the difference in achieving a stylish look. Crew or v-neck t-shirts should always look excellent underneath for a casual look. Most times, you should choose white, black, grey, or colors that complement your outfit.

A button-down shirt worn over an open cardigan sweater offers a chic appearance, while an Oxford dress shirt works well for men who want a professional appearance around the office. Both items will enhance the contrast, giving the ensemble a clean and stylish appearance.

How To Wear A Cardigan

  • Find the different styles of cardigans and choose the right type for your wardrobe.
  • The most popular sweaters are the longline, shawl collar, button-up or chunky knit.
  • Black, blue, grey and tan cardigans are the most versatile and look great with most mens styles.
  • Fitted cardigans that button-up are ideal for classy attire while loose and long designs offer a relaxed look.
  • For a casual outfit, you should try jeans or chino pants, a polo or t-shirt, and sneakers with a cardigan.
  • To get a fashionable smart or business casual style, pair your cardigan with fitted chino pants, a button-down shirt, belt and leather dress shoes or boots.
  • You can wear a cardigan with your suit instead of a vest or waistcoat.
  • For proper maintenance and care, always fold your cardigan and avoid hanging this knitwear to prevent stretching around the shoulders.

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