Tell Us Your Story About Women, Divorce, and Retirement

Tell Us Your Story About Women, Divorce, and Retirement ...

You want to talk. Were here to listen. And learn.

Retirement Daily is inviting readers to tell us their story about their divorce experiences in the series Women, Divorce, and Retirement. The short form may be found here.

Yes, divorce is difficult and torturous, even for the most amicable. There may be children, property, businesses, or even elder care involved. But women must ensure, or should ensure, that the divorce settlement protects and enhances their retirement years.

Because the statistics are staggering, if not terrifying. One out of every two marriages in the United States ends in divorce. Elderly divorced women, who live longer and may have chronic health difficulties, are more and more on the cusp if not below the poverty line.

There is still a movement on the rise, especially as the number of pandemic and gray divorces rises. Women are hiring financial advisors to evaluate their assets and liabilities in order to support and protect their retirement assets.

Tell us your story.

We promise we will not use your name or identify information without your permission, and we may contact you to inquire further.

Thank you!

Our Women, Divorce, and Retirement webinar has shown you a few highlights. Join Michelle Petrowski and Bonnie Sewell, both experienced divorce and financial planning experts, to discuss the issues and difficulties confronting women in divorce.

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