7 cool electronic gadgets to take on the beach

7 cool electronic gadgets to take on the beach ...

The summer has already begun, as has the hot summer weather. So, it's only natural to see beaches becoming hot spots these days. Surely, none of us would refuse a splash of water to cool ourselves down.

While playing on the beach itself is enjoyable, you may want to bring some technology gadgets with you for a day at the beach. We've come up with an interesting list of tech gadgets you can carry with you for a day at the beach.

If you wish to test your achievements underwater, the SKG swimming smartwatch is a must-have. It is constructed of plastic to withstand water damage and is water-resistant up to 50 meters. The watch can be fully charged in two hours, and has an impressive 8-day battery life.

A place without music is hardly any fun, so use a waterproof bluetooth speaker to enhance your favorite songs. For such a price, the Houl Zalle is a great option.

This speaker can be submerged up to three feet underwater for about 30 minutes and still enjoy music. Built with the Bluetooth 5.0 chip, it offers a more stable connection than Bluetooth 4.0.

You need water on the beach. Drinkable water. Why not consider purchasing a bottle that can also purify water? That's exactly what the Grayl water purifier bottle does; it can purify water pure and ready for consumption in just a few minutes.

The Grayl water bottle removes all pathogens while requiring little setup time. Water from any lake, stream, or well can be purified effortlessly thanks to a replaceable purifier cartridge.

While you're playing in the waves, it's vital to keep all of your cold beverages and beers frosty. A Coleman portable cooler will do this for you.

This Coleman cooler can hold up to 95 cans, ensuring that you will never have a shortage of drinks to savor in the sweltering heat. The lid can also be used as a seat, since it's strong and strong enough to support a load of 250 pounds.

Anyone who goes on a vacation or outing today is incomplete unless others snap and post selfies and other photos on social media. When it comes to selfies, you may get the ALYHB Foldable Selfie Drone to capture your fun and memorable moments from an elevated angle.

The ALYHB drone is made of plastic and has a 4k lens that gives excellent output. It's also very simple to use, even for novices who have never used a drone in their lifetime.

After having all the fun on the beach, it's necessary to have a shower to wash off all the sand and dirt. The BONOFOX portable shower will assist you in getting a shower on the beach. It's also lightweight, making it a breeze to carry around wherever you go.

The BONFOX portable shower has a long hose so you can easily pump the shower bag out of the bag. This shower is especially important if you're taking your dog to the beach, as it ensures that your furry pal is clean and tidy before returning.

No matter where you go, having phones with a full battery is crucial. When it comes to the beach, you can get the WINLOVE solar charger to ensure your phone never gets switched off due to a dead battery. This solar charger supports bi-directional fast charging and provides 18W of power.

The WINLOVE solar charger includes four foldable solar panels that can store all of the required power while you're busy merry-making on the beach. It also has a remarkable battery capacity of 30000mAh, making it ideal for long journeys.

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