TikTokers have discovered $58 Versace Heel Dupes that are easy to find in stores

TikTokers have discovered $58 Versace Heel Dupes that are easy to find in stores ...

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My favorite childhood toys, Bratz dolls, were purchased during the epidemic. I fully understand the hype, and after getting those boots, I've begun to look for chunkier, clunkier shoes that make any outfit feel just a touch more edgier. I've also been following Ariana Grande's products for years. The downside is, they'll cost you upwards of $1,500.

TikTok has discovered an alternative that looks equally as good and is on sale for $58 on Amazon. The Wetkiss Platform Chunky Heels appear to be equally as good as the Versace ones seen on Ariana Grande, Beyonce, Bebe Rexha, and Tracee Ellis Ross.

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3D sound: the original

If you're wondering how you're going to get to grips with these imposing heels, you're probably wondering the same. Fortunately, many buyers believe they're not nearly as intimidating as they appear.

I was surprised by the ease of using them, although I don't wear heels often, and I was concerned about that, but they're fantastic, according to one five-star reviewer.

The Amazon alternative is available in other finishes than traditional satin. Try them in white or black satin, leather or patent leather.

They are super cute and super easy to walk in (it doesnt feel like your foot is on a tall stilt-like platform), according to another reviewer.

Wetkiss platform heels are the perfect time to add them to your cart and channel your inner Bratz doll. Pair these shoes with a micro mini skirt and a halterneck top, and you might as well be in the box with Jade, Cloe, and Yazmin.

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