When you're rejected over text, here's how to respond

When you're rejected over text, here's how to respond ...

Imagine this: You're waiting to hear from the person you've met on a great first date with, or the guy you've recently confessed your feelings for, only to get the kind of reply you've been dreading: a rejection text. Talk about deflating. Unfortunately, rejection is often a part of dating, but it's thankfully something you can learn to handle.

Connell Barrett, the founder and dating coach of The League, previously told Elite Daily that rejection isn't a problem, rather that you shouldn't have to deal with them. "They're really saying, 'Were not a good fit,' or 'You're not my personality."

So, the next time you receive a rejection text from someone, instead of being harsh on yourself, delete one of these messages to calm your anxieties and get you back on track.

Rejections are considered as sincere and direct.

Rejections are greeted with lightheartedness.

The process of rejection is rarely easy, and it almost always stings, but handling it with respect and class can help you get better faster. And, ultimately, their honesty just frees you up to pursue a better match with someone else who will understand why you're so amazing.


Connell Barrett, the League's founding member and dating coach, has been involved in Dating Transformation.

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This article was originally published on 07.15.20.

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