Adele Updated Fans On When Shell (Finally) Kick Off Her Vegas Residency Adele

Adele Updated Fans On When Shell (Finally) Kick Off Her Vegas Residency Adele ...

Adele announced that she would be moving to Las Vegas in the near future. On Friday, July 1, she performed at London's BST Hyde Park festival, where she said new dates for the postponed residency might be coming very soon. As revealed in a fan video posted on Twitter, Adele said she's waiting for one piece of equipment to complete the show.

This is a welcome (though ambiguous) update. Back in January, the Easy On Me singer was scheduled to perform on the Vegas Strip.

Adele announced that she would be staying at Caesars Palace from January to April 2022. This grand series would have been Adele's first Las Vegas residency, which would have been titled Weekends with Adele.

Easy On Me singer Announced on January 20 that she would be postponing the series. We did everything we could to ensure it would be completed in time and for you to have it. Delivery issues have jeopardized our efforts.

She said half of her crew, at the time, had contracted COVID-19. Weve run out of time, and im so angry, she said. Im so sorry, and im so sorry to everyone who traveled.

Adele clarified that she was unable to comment on the desert island discson on BBC Radio 4 on July 3, but she also recently revealed that she was not pleased with the outcome of the show. Im like, the shows aren't good enough.

Adele also explained why she hadn't provided fans with information about the season until now. She added that she can be someone on TikTok or Instagram Live constantly saying that she's working on it. Of course, I'm not going to update you if I have nothing to update you with. It just leads to more disappointment.

Adele admitted to the BBC that she was depressed about her fans' disappointment. In fact, she claimed that she felt like a shell of a person after canceling the residency. And I was frightened about, you know, letting them down. I believed I could put it together and make it work, and I cant.

Adele said when Laverne asked her how she handled the backlash over her being pushed off her shows, she replied that she had to stop. Just go through the performances and forget about the guilt. It was also painful, according to the singer.

Adele delivered two spectacular performances at Hyde Park over the weekend, and her signature performances demonstrate that her residency may be worth the wait.

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