Lizzo might have just become the world's most popular J-Hopes fan

Lizzo might have just become the world's most popular J-Hopes fan ...

BTS J-Hope released his first single from his new album, Jack In The Box, called MORE, on Friday, July 1. The 90s-inspired hip-hop track has received a lot of praise from fans, and it even got the attention of a prominent celebrity, Lizzo, who gave the song a shoutout on her Instagram Story shortly after it was released.

J-Hope appreciated the help, since he reposted her Story and replied, "THX BFF." Of course, ARMY couldnt help but wish they were in Lizzos place, and honestly, the same. Hobi called Lizzo his BFF "How about me bestie?" another said.

Lizzo responded to J-Hopes' message with MY HOPE, as if followers were unsure.

Lizzo has always been a huge supporter of J-Hope and the rest of BTS. She has wished the members happy birthday on social media and even expressed her desire to collaborate with the group. In November 2021, Lizzo met V, Jungkook, Jimin, and J-Hope during an appearance with ET.

In an April 28 interview with Audacy, Lizzo spoke about her friendship with J-Hope. He's a great texter and expressive. He does not leave you unread. If it's been a while since he's texted, he says im sorry.

Lizzo continued to refer to the BTS members as being friendly people who have a good energy. She said, I think thats why I've gravitated to them because they remind me of myself where I am at, self-love and this positive energy and the way they treat their supporters. I feel the same way and they truly have just a pure, positive energy all the time.

Hopefully, their collaboration will come to fruition one day!

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