A Conjunction In Astrology Explains How Two Planets Combine Their Energy

A Conjunction In Astrology Explains How Two Planets Combine Their Energy ...

Every potential love interest youve ever met has likely heard of aspects, which in short detail how the planets are interacting with each other. This is because the planets in question are in the same sign. So, what does astrology mean?

First, there are a few places in astrology where all aspects can be found, which are necessary for you to understand who you are, your personality, and your destiny. There are also other aspects formed in the sky on the daily, which is where horoscopes originate. And of course, there are the aspects occurring between two individuals when you look at charts for compatibility.

What Are Astrology's Aspects?

Dalanah, the Moon Matters podcast, explains that astrology has four main components: zodiac signs, planets, houses, and aspects. They are used interchangeably between two planets, revealing insights about the various aspects.

Combinations, trines, sextiles, oppositions, and squares are among the most studied areas by astrologers. Harmonic [aspects] are the ones that are flowy, while dynamic [aspects] are the ones that generate action. Both are beneficial or harmful, but harmonic aspects are much easier to deal with because the planets are in sync.

Okay, so what about conjunctions? Doesnt that automatically translate to a harmonic aspect? Not exactly. Astrologers divide planets into two categories: benefic and malefic. Again, this does not mean good or bad, but more so that benefic planets bring a different, less challenging energy than malefic planets.

What Is An Astrology Conjunction?

When planets meet up in the same sign to the exact degree, Dalanah offers a conjunction. The energy is very blended and its very strong because you can imagine two people talking right next to one another.

Again, that conversation isnt always an easy one as it depends on who is doing the talking. In order to understand the interaction between the planets in a conjunction, theres a lot of nice, flowy goodness happening. But if you have a malefic like Jupiter (all about action) joining the conversation with Mercury (all about communication, you may be irritated and snippy, Dalanah explains. The aspects are just the energy, and how you utilize it is still relevant to your life.

Alice Bell, a British Vogue astrologer and host of the Astrology and You podcast, explains what is going on globally or culturally. Or you can see how your mood might be for the day by looking at the interactions the moon (ruling emotions) is making to other planets.

As a result, these types of conjunctions affect everyone as a whole, with the same base energy of the planets and signs involved. For example, looking at the smaller, slower moving outer planets, like Saturn, will indicate some longer-term changes around the world. Bell concludes that seeing these things in isolation in January 2020 will give you an insight into what happened during that year.

When certain planets meet up in a conjunction, these same themes seem to come back as well, as Bell mentions in the 1910s. All of this happened during times of conjunctions between Saturn (restriction, structure, time), Pluto (karma, death, transformation) and Jupiter (global connections, expander).

You may also have some fantastic conjunctions. It's all a matter of combining those energies.

You may have more than one planet in a particular sign when you examine your personal birth chart, which means you have combinations in your natal chart. For instance, your sun and moon are in Cancer, so it's difficult to discern what traits you're bringing from this planet and what's from [the other] planet. A stellium is a situation where all the energies of all the planets are jumbled together, according to Bell.

It all depends on which planets you have together. For example, if you have your Venus (love and beauty) conjunct your Jupiter (expansion), Bell offers that is the greatest amazing conjunction. On the other hand, you might have something like malefic Mars and Saturn conjunct. That's going to be a pretty difficult conjunction to have in your chart where you're constantly struggling with yourself or worrying about yourself. However, remember that every situation is a learning opportunity.

Synastry, or the use of two charts, is often used to compare romantic compatibility, but it also works well for friends, family, and coworkers. Dalanah explains that aspects are extremely important to synastry, because they contain all of the information that can make something appear really good.

Remember, when it comes to conjunctions, you can go any way, whether it be helpful, easy, or a point of conflict. According to Dalanah, this would be nice and flowy. We would be able to talk about those things together, but things where Saturn is involved would be more uncomfortable, according to Dalanah.

Conjunctions are those strange things that you can't really pin down until you know and are familiar with the planets involved. They can be really smooth-sailing aspects or add to the pressure, but the main takeaway is that neither is harmful or beneficial. You can be pushed to grow from challenging aspects or enjoy a chilling energy flow.


Dalanah, a professional astrologer and host of the Moon Matters astrology podcast, is a professional astrologer.

Alice Bell, a British Vogue astrologer and host of the Astrology and You podcast, has been a guest host for the past two years.

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