Heres Why A Trine Is One Of The Worst Astrology Issues

Heres Why A Trine Is One Of The Worst Astrology Issues ...

When you examine your birth chart, you know youre looking for some planets and zodiac signs. But what are those lines and angles that show up in the circle chart, anyway? Trines are generally understood as the GOAT of aspects, whether it's within your birth chart, synastry, or just happening in the sky today.

The easiest way to think of a trine is to think of the elements in astrology. For example, Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius are trine with each other. Each element has three signs, which you can link to the tripart of the word, making it quite straightforward to spot these aspects.

What Are Astrology's Benefits?

Alice Bell, a British Vogue astrologer and host of the Astrology and You podcast, explains why you should care about what aspects are. In short, aspects describe how the planets interact with each other, how they perceive one another, and how their energies are blending, according to Elite Daily.

There are five major aspects in astrology, according to professional astrologer Dalanah of the Moon Matters podcast: conjunctions, trines, sextiles, oppositions, and squares.

According to Dalanah, I like to divide things up into harmonic and dynamic, whereas dynamic aspects are the ones that stimulate growth. Its all about the whole picture, she says.

Dalanah adds that aspects are extremely important in all astrology studies. We can see different relationships or attitudes occurring between the various positions. They become these mitigating factors that enhance astrology and the charts, and they give us those juicy details.

What Is Astrology's Trine?

When the planets are 120 degrees apart, a trine is formed, indicating that the two planets are in the same element. This aspect is typically a harmonious one because the two planets will naturally flow and support each others energy. It sometimes represents abilities you take for granted, as Bell notes, but it can also be a distraction from making any changes.

The trined planets aren't a problem in birth charts, synastry, or planetary transits... It's just a matter of convenience, according to Dalanah. Out of the harmonic aspects, [trines are] the strongest, according to Elite Daily. Trines are just an injection of goodness, so to speak.

Valerie Mesa of Miami explains, "Whenever there is a trine, despite it being so harmonious, you're almost given that hall pass, but you still have to work with it." With aspects, think of the doors as an access to each planet's energies. Trines, for instance, are easy to access because there's no barrier at the entrance.

According to Dalanah, astrologers look at transits when they study the sky's features. It's how astrologers write daily horoscopes. They look and see where everything is, what planets are in what sign, and what planets are talking to each other via the aspects. It's what sets us the moods for the day.

Bell tells Elite Daily that these inner planets, which are fast moving, are likely to have a negative impact on everyone on earth, and that they can affect the day's energy when looking at slower moving outer planets, such as the moon.

Jupiter and malefic Mars are both considered as benefics and malefics by astrologers. The latter group tends to have more challenging views and significations than the former. Its really about the trine because that's the tone of the conversation, according to Dalanah. It's like they're blowing up, [and] are blowing up fast.

Take Jupiter (expansion and luck) and Venus (love, harmony, and aesthetics) as examples. It's a double espresso shot of benefic wonder, as Dalanah implies. That's a great day to work on anything as far as expansion and bringing people together. The two planets would be working together in harmony, and they'd be chatting up each other's company.

If there are multiple planets in the same element, it indicates that trines are on your birth chart. Dalanah explains that when we get to a natal chart, certain aspects speak toward the person who holds the chart.

Again, not having trines in your chart doesn't make it worse. Just be thankful because your planets are having very pleasant conversations together. Your lunar sign (inner world and emotions) is trine in your natal Mercury (communication, expression, and intellect), and vice versa. According to Dalanah, this might allow you to express deep emotions in a way that resonates with others.

Dalanah explains that regardless of whether or not Saturn is involved, a trine with the moon will allow you to get the best out of Saturn. As it may seem heavy, Saturn trine the moon would allow you to take your emotions seriously.

Here's where the mistakes come in. When youve Insta-stalked your crush and gathered their birth details, youre ready to check if your charts are compatible via synastry, according to Bell. If you're a Cancer, Google will tell you that youre compatible with Pisces and Scorpio (all water signs).

Generally, couples have a mix of all of these things, according to Bell. Instead, shell often see couples forming oppositions and squares, which create more of a bond of growth and learning. For example, a Cancer would attract its opposite sign, Libra and Aries, and squared signs would be beneficial for friendships where you might not want as much friction.

All of this to say that it's important to not be stressed out if you don't see a synastry lineup chock full of trines. But, as Bell notes, those trines help to balance and harmony the energy flow between two people, so yes, it's a prime aspect of synastry. The person who has the sun is going to illuminate the conversation and bring a lot of warmth and depth to it... then the person who has the Mercury is going to double down and send it back

Trines are considered to be the most beautiful melodious aspect (who doesn't enjoy ease and harmony) but they aren't the end all be-all of aspects as they are sometimes framed. In order to thrive, whether it's on a personal, relational, or global level, balance is critical.


Dalanah, a professional astrologer, and host of the Moon Matters astrology podcast

Alice Bell, a British Vogue astrologer and host of the Astrology and You podcast

Valeria Mesa, a professional astrologer, soul coach, and writer, has been writing since 2011.

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