As a major upgrade, Google Hangouts stops doing the job on Android and iOS

As a major upgrade, Google Hangouts stops doing the job on Android and iOS ...

Google Hangouts are at their brink, as the previous messaging app has for many iOS and Android users has since stopped working.

This should not come as a surprise since Google, from the start, began transferring customers from Google Hangouts to Google Chat again in 2020, and fully stated the products' discontinuance prior to this thirty-day period.

According to 9to5 Google, not all Google Hangouts customers will be impacted initially, and the modification has thus significantly impacted users of Hangouts cell applications, which have not seen updates until recently.

What does the future hold?

When it comes to improving Chat, Google is definitely holding users' palms. Consumers who try out and open the affected cellular applications will be presented with an alert It's time for Chat in Gmail, acting as a pressured enhancer.

It is not just Android and iOS that are being impacted; Google is also deactivating the Hangouts Chrome desktop extension, although most common Hangouts in the Gmail sidebar will likely die later this thirty-day period.

Google has enabled people to know that it is expected to transfer information from Google Hangouts to Google Chat rapidly, but has advised them to read this article (opens in new tab) if they want to see any information about the application before it completely comes to an end of everyday living.

Customers who join Google Chat may be rewarded, as Google has stated in a blog (opens in new tab) that it intends to make good on its work in the future. In the next months, you may see additional options like immediate contacting, in-line threading in Areas, and the ability to share and view many pictures.

If you are still using Google Hangouts and would like to upgrade before Google forces you, please click the link below (opens in new tab) to get the Google Chat app.

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