Do you like Outlook or don't have the time? Change these settings to make it more like Gmail

Do you like Outlook or don't have the time? Change these settings to make it more like Gmail ...

Googles Gmail platform is used by 1.5 billion people. However, if you are employed at a position that requires Microsofts Outlook, it may be frustrating to switch from one to the other for work and personal use.

Even though email functions like compose, delete, and send are virtually identical across the services, getting familiar with a new platform may take time. Here are a few ways to make Microsofts platform more appealing to Googles users. (Note that you must make these changes from the browser version of Outlook rather than the app.)

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Remove the Outlooks reading pane.

The basic setup in Microsoft Outlook divides your screen into three columns: the Inbox itself, which allows you to read a selected message while youre stuck in your inbox. It saves time and effort when you have a lot of messages to read.

If you normally use Gmail, you'll be familiar with a setup with no reading pane. To turn off the feature or relocate the Reading Pane open Outlook Settings and scroll down to Reading Pane. From there you can move the window to the right, the bottom, or hide it completely.

To use Focused Inbox, turn on message sorting.

Outlook offers a few options for sorting your messages, the same way Gmail does. Your most important messages will be sorted into two tabs, Focused and Other. Everything else, including newsletters and offers, will be listed under Focused.

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Enable the conversation view to reorder your emails.

The Gmail's grouping feature, which you likely either like or dislike, allows emails on the same topic to stay organized in a single place, like a thread, to try and avoid miscommunications. Outlook also has a conversation view. If you want new messages to appear at the beginning or end of the thread, simply open Settings > Mail > Layout.

Microsoft Outlook works across a variety of devices.

Outlook users may use Gmail shortcuts.

This one might be the easiest to figure out. If you liked Gmail's keyboard shortcuts, you may still use them in Outlook. Open Settings > General > Accessibility and select which keyboard shortcuts you prefer, or turn them off entirely.

Outlook will display your Calendar and other app shortcuts.

Gmail's main panel that houses Calendar, Keep, Tasks, and Contacts is one of my favorite things to use. Outlook has similar features; you just need to know where to look. Activity, which you can personalize to notify you of email and document mentions, and the One Note Feed, which works like Google Keep.

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