Ford Bronco is on its way to Europe in limited numbers

Ford Bronco is on its way to Europe in limited numbers ...

No matter if it is really Us residents lusting after smaller European cars and trucks or Europeans jonesing for superior-horsepower American metal, the automobile business is rife with forbidden fruit. However, not all fruit remains forbidden for the time being.

Ford announced that it would provide the Bronco SUV to Europe on Monday, but only that the vehicle would go there in certain still left-hand-push markets, and that portions would be strictly limited. It must go on sale in late 2023, so Europeans who want to try it will have some time to figure out how to do it.

The Bronco, unless at all different from the Land Rover Defender, would be a decent off-road competitor to the Land Rover Defender, according to Ford's push launch.

The number of Broncos variants that will be introduced to Europe is unbeknown to anyone in the United States, from the basic model all the way up to the extra-crowdy Raptor. Nearly all are available in a two- or four-door configuration, and a 2.7-liter twin-turbo V6 are available at different points in the lineup, too. However, some Broncos are better than no Bronco, right?

As we get closer to the on-sale date, late 2023 just seems to be approaching the end. It's very probable that Ford will offer much more information on European Broncos.

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