In a new TikTok video, Ezra Miller bizarrely proposes to dismiss a retail worker

In a new TikTok video, Ezra Miller bizarrely proposes to dismiss a retail worker ...

In a bizarre video that has surfaced on TikTok amid the embattled actors recent behavior, Ezra Miller was captured on camera promising to kill a shop worker.

Ill always give people the option of not being filmed. Miller, whoidentifies as non-binary, says to someone off-screen, before realizing theyre being filmed.

I can always just knock you out and then you will not have to worry about it. Just let me know.

After the worker responds to Miller, What?, the video goes off.

According to Newsweek, the video was shot in 2020 and was later uploaded to TikTok by users on Sunday.

Knight captioned the post featuring Miller, 29, as "I just wanted a picture dawg."

Knight then informed followers in the comments section that he had reportedly asked the Justice League star for a photo before Miller asked if he wanted to be kicked out.

The post, which has had over 800,000 likes since Tuesday, has been flooded with comments mocking Miller's interactions.

One person commented on the reverse Flash attitude, while with another, Bro accidentally said no to being punched.

Everyone finds [them], but the cops, a third commented, with a fourth chiming in to say, They're so threatening for no reason.

Miller has made headlines in recent months for their involvement in several controversial incidents.

Miller referred to a German lady as a Nazi after she disclosed to them that she was a Holocaust survivor in June.

A Wallflower alum was also accused of infiltrating a young mother and her three small children in their Vermont home that was allegedly littered with firearms, ammunition, and marijuana earlier that month.

Two parents were also accused of allegedly grooming their 18-year-old child with cult-like and psychological manipulative behaviors, although the teen denied the charges.

Days later, a different parent came forward accusing the actor of abusing their 12-year-old daughter. Both the parents and the child received a temporary restraining order against Miller, according to The Daily Beast.

Miller was arrested multiple times in Hawaii, first for disorderly conduct and harassment, then for second-degree assault in March and April, respectively.

Miller was involved in a fire back in 2020 when a video appeared to show them choking a fanatical at a bar in Iceland.

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