Amber, the wife of Granger Smith, shows cruel DMs chastising her over the death of her son Rivers

Amber, the wife of Granger Smith, shows cruel DMs chastising her over the death of her son Rivers ...

Three years after her son's death, Amber Smith is still receiving harassing messages from Instagram trolls.

On Monday, the actress, 40, shared a screenshot via Instagram Stories, in which one of her followers asked how her late 3-year-old drowned in June 2019.

Why was he not adequately protected and monitored? wrote a social media user. Not my business, not trying to be mean.

Amber and Granger Smith's 10-month-old son, Maverick, was quoted by the hater, saying, To have a beautiful baby drown and then just have another kid like, oops sorry about that one, just have another and replace him. How do you guys go about moving on?

The lengthy letter continued to slam the couple for Rivers' 100 percent preventable death, claiming their rainbow baby's arrival in August 2021 to be disrespectful.

Amber sarcastically told her followers, Not her business, and she isn't judging or trying to be cruel, though. When we still receive these messages, the Lord is my strength.

After sharing verses that have aided the Texas native, she posted throwback photos with River as well as another vile message.

Why are you such irresponsible parents? the sentence reads. This is your fault, you KILLED your win [sic] child. It's shambolic.

Amber said through Stories that she cant fault these people. It's taken me three years to forgive them. I'm rooted in Jesus.

Rivers and the country singer, 42, have been transparent about their grieving process since Rivers' passing.

Amber even told the Meaning Full Living podcast co-hosts earlier this month how she and the songwriter told their eldest children about their brother's death.

We left the hospital with the intention of being very honest, explained the daughter London, 10 and her 8-year-old son Lincoln, 8. We assured them that whatever they are feeling, it's okay.

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