Conor McGregor Brags Is A Shoo-In For The UFC Hall Of Fame

Conor McGregor Brags Is A Shoo-In For The UFC Hall Of Fame ...

Conor McGregor suffered a shocking ankle injury at the end of the first round of his UFC 264 fight against Dustin Poirier last year. Things just got worse for McGregor after that, as he managed to entice many people due to his questionable actions. Through it all, Notorious believes he isdestined for the UFC Hall of Fame.

Since last year, The Notorious One has been hard at work on his road to recovery. He has always kept fans informed of his progress, and they couldnt be happier for the Irishman.

Conor McGregor had previously stated that he would not compete in the 170 pounds division in the UFC as a lightweight. This is due to the fact that he intends on competing in the 170 pounds division.

McGregor is never shy when it comes to bragging about anything and everything. He took to Twitter and did so once more, as McGregor professed that he is a shoe-in for the UFC Hall Of Fame.

KOs most divisions. Financials. Almost all of the records. Im still in to knock my noses open and put opps unconscious.

McGregor might never be the top MMA player again. Conor McGregor is set to return to the UFC in July this year. It remains to be seen whether or not he will win his comeback fight.

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