Highland Park Shooter Dressed In Womens Clothing To Disguise Himself Before Attack

Highland Park Shooter Dressed In Womens Clothing To Disguise Himself Before Attack ...

When Crimo opened fire on the crowd from the rooftop of a nearby establishment, the 4th of July parade in Highland Park turned into a shooting range. Over two dozen people were hurt, and at least six people were killed. Strange new information reveal that he was wearing a mask at the time of the shooting.

New information concerning Crimos' past has been released as a result of his arrest for the July Fourth shooting, which resulted in at least six deaths and 24 injuries. According to CNN, Robert Bobby Crimo III was wearing womens attire when he reportedly shot more than 70 rounds into the crowd during the Highland Park parade on Monday.

Crimo, the shooter who has been apprehended and identified, was reportedly dressed in opposite sex clothes as he approached a building's rooftop and started firing into the gathering. The shooting is now being described by authorities as a preplanned strike. In addition, Crimo went to his mother's house first after the murder and left there in his car.

The cops discovered a second rifle in the car. According to this source, investigators do not believe there was any other involvement. We now know that Crimo purchased his rifle legitimately in Illinois.

Crimo was laid off from Panera Bread during the epidemic and lived in an apartment behind his parents' house. He also backed Donald Trump and maintained a side hustle as a rapper on Spotify with more than 16,000 followers.

Crimo was tracked down at 6:30 PM on Monday. Eight miles from the scene of the shooting, in Lake Forest, he was finally identified. A few hours before the massacre, on Sunday night, he also discussed what Crimo was doing. He is not facing any charges.

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