Kevin Durant's Nets trade is getting closer

Kevin Durant's Nets trade is getting closer ...

Kevin Durant carved out a special place for himself in the game of basketball, and everyone wants him on their team. The separation proceedings between Kevin Durant and the Brooklyn Nets are now in their early stages. The atmosphere has improved as a result of Kevin's trade announcement, and teams are now eager to sign him to their organization.

According to ESPN, the Nets intend to grant KDs' request for a trade. Of course, this is a worst-case scenario for the team, but given what happened with Kyrie Irving, no one should be surprised by this. There are two places that Durant would rather go.

The Miami Heat and the Phoenix Suns are two teams that have both been claimed to possess the pieces that the Heat lack in order to make a deal. Deandre Ayton, who is certainly available through a sign and trade, is one of those pieces.

According to Jake Fischer of Bleacher Report, KD has undergone a significant change. Phoenix is most likely to be settled at this time, as Fischer said, Ayton will be a part of this transaction, which is expected to involve three or more teams.

According to Fischer, Ayton will not wear a Nets uniform, although he will assist the Suns in acquiring Durant. The Nets are currently taking their time with trade proposals for KD because they are aware that this will be a historic transaction. It would be very dangerous for the Nets to do so.

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