The Rock Says America Has A Lot Of Work To Do In Its Candid 4th Of July Message

The Rock Says America Has A Lot Of Work To Do In Its Candid 4th Of July Message ...

Fans love the Rock's mannerisms, good humor, and dedication to everyone. America needs a lot of work on a truly patriotic Fourth of July.

Dwayne Johnson recorded a brief video in the gym describing the auspicious day. He then shared the video on his Instagram account, wishing his followers the 4th of July.

We wish you the best day of your life. We commemorate our country's independence. America, and of course as a country, and I know we can all agree that regardless of what side of the line we fall on, we can all agree that we can be better as a country, we have allowed for improvement, and we will get there.

I am always optimistic. I always believe that we will get there. Well, please get there, and I always like to say you guys have been said in the past, but I dont care what your bank account says, what you drive, where you live, or where you live in the country. I dont give sh*t to it.

I really care about whether or not you are a decent, kind, honest human being who respects other people fairly, and who embraces everyone, because everyone is really equal and, of course, if you are doing a lot of good work with your own hands. Lets celebrate today. Back to work.

The Rock's words serve as a reminder to maintain optimism and joy. Through his encouraging words, the Rock encouraged his followers to strive hard and achieve success. The video's caption gave it extra appeal.

My instagram readers, happy Fourth of July.

Well, get there.We have a lot of work to do.Stuff to fix.Stuff to make right.I am optimistic.Well, get there.

Today, I want to thank you and wish you the best of your families!


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